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September Undated Calendar - Free Printable

The past few months I've been a little late getting these monthly calendars posted. This month I wanted to make sure that I got it out to you in time. So here it is... September's monthly undated calendar. Enjoy

Creative Uses for Mod Podge

Do you know who Jan Wetstone is?

About 43 years ago, a woman named Jan Wetstone invented Mod Podge  in her home. 
I wonder if Jan knew how much joy and inspiration her product would bring when she invented it?

6 Adorable Toy Makeovers

Have you ever seen a dirty, well used toy at a yard sale or thrift store and thought, no one is going to want that. Well there are people who actually buy those toys. In fact, they take those toys home and somehow transform them into something fun and magical. Get inspired with these 6 brilliant ideas for transforming kids toys.

12 Inspiring Ideas for Using Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint!!
A few years ago, if someone was talking about a chalkboard they usually meant the giant board that sat on the wall in the front of the classroom. These board were usually boring black or a very unattractive green. In today's world, chalkboards are being used outside the classroom in many ways.

21 Delicious Jalapeño Recipes

I know that jalapeños are not for everyone but I personally can't get enough of them. I add them to a majority of our meals and I grow them in our garden every year. I think they add just the right amount of heat and flavor without being overpowering. If you're a jalapeño fan too, then you'll enjoy today's post. I'm sharing 21 jalapeño recipes that I know you're going to love.

August Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Ok, It's finally here! Don't forget to save this along with the past month's free calendars (links in the post below) so that you can use them next year and for the years to come!!

July Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Here is July's undated calendar! Like I said before, I know that it is too late to use this year but you can still print it our along with the past month's calendars to use next year. Keep an eye out for the August calendar coming very soon.

Best Ways to Dress Up A Cheap Mirror

Next time you're at the dollar store be sure to grab a few cheap mirrors and use these amazing diy ideas to transform them into something you'll be proud to display on your wall.

June Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Ok you guys, I am such a bad blogger. I completely forgot to share my monthly undated calendars this summer. Can I blame it on the heat? So even though June is long gone, I'm still going to share this free printable so that you can print it and use it next year or the many years to come. 

Home Decor For Less - DIY Knockoffs

Today there are so many wonderful home decor stores that offer such a variety of beautiful products. Unfortunately, many of them come with a high price tag. Today I'm sharing some amazing home decor knock-off from a few of my favorite stores.

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