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Christmas Mantels

Have you seen all of the AMAZING mantels floating around blogland, pinterest and the web in general? I'm sharing 21 stunning Christmas mantel ideas to get you inspired.


Nest Full of Eggs  


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  1. Great choices! I love a beautifully decorated mantle!

    I saw you were hosting a giveaway! Please come and link it up at the Fabulous Freebie Friday link party!

  2. Here to follow you via Friendly Friday! Beautiful mantle ideas.


  3. Hi Jamie, thanks for visiting and your comment. And no, it isn't weird that you sing the song from Annie...because that was where my mind was when I named my blog!! Great minds...


  4. I'm loving all of the gorgeous photos too, they're great!! People are so talented with what they can do! I'm a new follower, love all of the pictures!

  5. I LOVE all those mantels.. They look like they are from a magazine, wow!! Thanks for the invite over. I've added your link party to my master list and I will be back to party!

  6. That is a lot of beautiful mantle inspiration! Just gorgeous. I am so behind in decorating...better get moving! (I just realized I was not following you...I am now!)

  7. What great ideas... I was kind of lost on how to decorate my mantel this season...

    Jeanna @

  8. Dear Jamie, You left a very sweet message on my "artists who blog" interview series - and I accidentally deleted it! Trying to press publish on my iPhone - big mistake :) Anyway, I wanted to thank you and if you'd like to comment again, I will be more careful this time.

    All the best and you have a lovely blog here!


  9. Arrrggghh! This images make me wish I even had a mantle!! Maybe I could fake one? =)

    Kristina J.

  10. Oh my! Those are such gorgeous mantels... I'm feeling like a big slacker now! :)


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