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Hedgehog Pin Cushion {Free Pattern}

I can't believe that I have been sewing for years now and I have never had a pin cushion. 
I never wanted to buy one because I knew I could make one for a lot cheaper and I have even seen a few on pinterest that would probably take me less time to make than it would take to stand in line at the store. However, that project always got pushed to the back burner. 
Until now!!

Isn't this the curtest little hedgehog you have ever seen?
I searched online for a simple hedgehog pattern but the only ones I could find where 2-D and not really what I wanted so I ended up making my own.

I'm not a pro at making patterns so it did take a couple trial and errors to get one that worked. 
I included the pattern in a PDF which you can download and print HERE

This is my first actual pattern that I have shared with others so I hope it works for you. Any feedback is definitely appreciated as I would like to share more in the future.

  1. Start by cutting out the pattern and tracing them onto your fabric.
  2. I used felt for my hedgehog, however, any fabric would work well. 
  3. After cutting out your fabric sew lines A-1 and A-2 together. Then sew lines B-1 and B-2 together. If you are comfortable using a sewing machine you can. However you can also hand sew or even skip the sewing and just glue the pieces together using a glue gun.
  4. Now match up your bottom with your top piece making sure right sides are facing each other. Pin and sew (or glue) leaving a small opening to turn inside out.
  5. After your hedgehog is turned inside out you can add your stuffing then sew (or glue) the opening shut. 
  6. Paint on the eyes and nose using fabric paint. 
  7. Add your pins and your done! 

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