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13 things to do with your old garden hose

Don't toss those old or broken garden hoses.

A Spring Wreath 

Door Mat



Flower Vase

Bucket Grip

Giant Dragon Fly

Tool Storage


 Blade Cover

Garden Art

Lounge Chair

Planting Grid

Or if you would rather just repair your old garden hose, 
here is a great tutorial to help you out.

Repair Your Garden Hose 

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  1. My, these are very innovative ideas! Haha. They’re crafty and very useful as well. Say, wouldn’t it be nice if you have tutorials on what to do with old pipe and hose fittings that come with those hoses? Great post!

    H Itzkowitz

  2. Now these ideas are awesome! I never thought hose can have so may other functions other than what it's meant to do! Kudos to you for posting this! -Patrick Tan

  3. That’s cool, you can a lot of thing using hose. DIY projects are amazing, this can helps me my DIY art projects. Thanks for sharing.


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