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Floor Cushion From 1 Yard of Fabric

Did you know that HGTV has a new line of fabric!!
I was lucky enough to be one of the first to review this fabric and I could not be more exited.

I received 1 yard each of Checkered Past upholstery fabric (a cotton/linen blend), a yard of Urban Blossom print fabric (100% cotton similar to canvas), and a yard of 1'' Pleat Twill Cognac.

Right away I knew exactly what I wanted to make with this fun, brightly colored fabric.
I found this tutorial for a floor cushion at Living with Punks.

What you will need for this project: 
  • 1 yard Home Dec Fabric
  • 2 pkgs. 1/2 " pre-made piping
  • 24oz. Fiberfill 

The best part about this tutorial is that it only requires one yard of fabric! One change that I made to the tutorial was using smaller handles. The handles in the original tutorial looked really large and since these where going to be use by kids I didn't see the need for such large handles. I also didn't have a compass to make the circles so I tied a length of string between two pencils. I held the point of the first pencil where I wanted the center of my circle to be, then holding the string tight I circled around it with the second pencil. (The length between the pencils 8 1/2 inches making my circles 17 inches.)

For this project you will need:
  • Top and Bottom - 17" circle (cut 2)
  • Side - 9"x54" (cut 1*)
  • Handle - 3" x 9" (cut 2)
 Note* If your fabric is not 54" you can piece together two pieces.

Once all your pieces are cut, start by pining your piping along the edge of your circles making sure you pin it to the right side of the fabric. Pin the edges of your piping at a 90* angle. The ends should look similar to the photo below.

After you sew your piping around your circles, sew a length onto the sides of one of your handle pieces.

Once the piping is sewn on you can pin you other handle piece on top (right sides together) then sew using your previous stitching as a guide. It may be easier if you use thread that contrasts with the backing of your fabric. I had a hard time seeing mine.

Turn your handle right side out, tuck in the edges, iron, and sew onto your side piece. I wanted to make sure the handle would stay on so I double stitched a rectangle with an X in the middle as shown below.

Now its time to sew your side onto your end circles. Pin around the entire length of the circle and then pin the ends of your side piece together. Sew your side seam first and trim off any extra length.  Then sew around the entire circle using your previous stitching as a guide. I double stitch mine for extra durability.

Pin on your top circle (right sides together). Sew around the length of the circle leaving a 6 inch gap. Turn inside out and fill with fiberfil.

Now you can hand stitch it closed and your done!

The girls love this floor cushion. The handle makes it so easy for them to drag it around. 
As for the fabric itself, it is beyond amazing. If you have never worked with home decor fabric before, it is thicker than normal quilting fabric. I would definitely recommend it if you are making anything for kids since it can stand up to a lot more wear and tear than most fabrics. I also LOVE the colors. They are so bright and vibrant. The fabric and trim featured in this post can be purchased at you local Jo-Ann Fabric Store.

Also, from now until May, 4th, the HGTV home decorator fabric line is 50% off at Jo-Ann's and if you look at my side bar, you will find a 10% off coupon you can print off for an additional savings!  Check out the HGTV Fabric @ Jo-Ann pinterest page for even more inspiration. 
If your wondering about the Checkered Past upholstery fabric, I started making a second floor cushion for my oldest but I decided to try out ric rac instead of piping and I didn't like it at all.

So it will have to wait until I get some more piping.

I have yet to do anything with the trim. Any ideas?? I would love to know what you would do with a yard of 1'' Pleat Twill Cognac.

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