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Tips & Tricks for an Amazing Summer

Make this summer the best summer ever with these brilliant tips and tricks.

  1. Make your own pool beverage boat. view full tutorial
  2. Freeze cubes of aloe vera for instant sunburn relief. photo source
  3. Use dixie cups to make popsicle molds. view full tutorial
  4. Entertain the kids with a water blob. view full tutorial

  1. Turn an old detergent container into a bubble refilling station. view full tutorial
  2. Heal dry skin by slathering feet with shaving cream then wrapping a warm towel soaked in 50/50 water and Listerine solution around feet. Leave on for one hour. view full tutorial
  3. Use foam floor tiles when camping for a more comfortable nights sleep. photo source
  4. Poke holes in cupcake liners and place over drinks to keep the bugs out. photo source

  1. When cooking corn on the cob, cut off the bottom of the cob and the corn will slide right out. view full tutorial
  2. Stay hydrated with these delicious flavored water recipes. find more recipes here
  3. make a mini grill out of hardware cloth and a clay pot to cook up some delicious table top s'mores. view full tutorial
  4. Recycle an old container to store your phone, keys and other items in while at the beach. photo source

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