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6 Brilliant Dog Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know

These brilliant hacks are sure to make your life with your fur baby a little easier.

Transform a changing table into a combination dog kennel / night stand. (via - Ikea Hackers)

Keep your dog entertained with this diy treat dispenser. (via - Goods Home Design)

Attach a carabiner to the end of your dog leash for a quick way to leash your dog. (via - Imgur)

Make this simple toy for your dog that loves to chew up stuffed animals. (via - Leopold's Crate)

Back up a batch of pill pockets for the next time you have to give your pooch his meds. (via - The Canine Chef)

Use a squeegee to remove dog hair from carpet. (source not found)

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1 comment:

  1. I'll need to try the squeegee on our stairs. It seems like I can't get the pet hair out of the carpet. Thanks for posting such helpful ideas!


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