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12 Brilliant Hacks For Your Tiny Home

When space is limited you need to think outside the box. Here are 12 brilliant hacks for any small home.

Use a shoe organizer for extra pantry storage. Perfect for spices, utensils & baking supplies too (no source found)

Utilize every inch of cabinet space by placing hooks on the inside walls. (via - Two Twenty One)

Install a towel rack under shelves or cabinets to store cookie sheets and cutting boards. Also perfect for hanging utensils from. (no source found)

Use an over the cabinet waste basket. Use one in your bathroom to store your curling iron and hair dryer. Or in the mud room to store hats, gloves, sandals, etc.. (via - Amazon)

Place hooks at the end of your shelves. In the kitchen these can be used for pot holders and dishrags. In the bedroom you can hang up ties, scarves, and belts. (no source found)

Buy nesting bowls and measuring cups that take up less room. (via - Amazon)

Build a desk that converts to a table. (via - Ana White) Don't want to build a desk? Check HERE for similar desks to purchase.

Use a tension rod and baskets under the sink to maximize storage space. (no source found)

Hang your clothes from the ceiling. (no source found)

Once you move the clothes out you can transform your closet into a home office. (via - IHeart Organizing)

Or you can build a loft bed/closet for your kid. (via - Bigger Than The Three Of Us)

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