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Simple DIY Farmhouse Decor

This simple farmhouse decor only took me a couple hours (not including drying time) to complete, and I absolute love it. The prints bring a smile to my face every time I walk into our kitchen.

It all started with a book. This Standard Of Perfection by The American Poultry Association is a family heirloom. Once belonging to my father-in-law and then passed down to my husband. 

I love the beautiful illustrations in this book. Although they are in black and white, they are so full of detail. When I first saw them I knew I wanted to photo copy a few of the pictures to hang in our kitchen. I couldn't find a frame that I thought was worthy of the photos so I decided to make my own. 

I just happened to have an old pallet in our yard that was the perfect subject.

I pried off four of the pallet boards. I wanted the inside of my frame to measure 5in x 7in so I cut the boards at 45 degree angles, making sure that the shortest side of each board matched the measurements for my prints. 

I applied a small amount of wood glue to each joint then stapled them with a staple gun.

 I loved the rustic blue paint that was already on the pallet but I really wanted to lighten the frames up a bit.

Using some leftover white house paint, I did a dry brushing over the frames. This was my first time using a dry brushing technique and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I love that the blue and wood colors still show through the white paint.

Once the paint dried I added the photos. I scanned the prints on to photo paper and cut them to size. The photos kept sliding around and I had such a hard time trying to keep them centered in the frame. I ended up using tape to hold them in place while I stapled them. I know this photo doesn't look that pretty but it worked and no ones going to see it when they are hanging on the wall.

I had a hard time choosing which prints to use because the 580 page book contained beautiful photos of ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens. My husband and I finally settled on the Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Male & Female. I hung the frames on the wall using saw tooth hangers like THESE.

Since I had everything on hand already, this project didn't cost me a dime. Although, even if you didn't have the supplies this simple farmhouse decor wouldn't cost much. Pallets are usually easy to come by for free. A chop saw and staple gun can be borrowed from a friend or rented from your local hardware store. Depending on where you shop, you should be able to find the paint, picture hangers, and photo paper all for around $10 or less. As for the prints, you can find tons of beautiful, free photos online by searching vintage chicken printables.

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