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50 Random Tips & Tricks

Quite often I come across something while browsing online that just amazes me. Things that force me to wonder "Why didn't I know about this sooner!!!" It could be anything from a brilliant life hack, to a cleaning tip, or just something completely random. Today I wanted to gather a few of these amazing ideas into one place and share them with you.

November Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Wow! Can you believe that November is just around the corner. I don't know about you but for me, October just seemed to fly by. I'm back today with another undated calendar for my seasonal calendar printables. If you missed the other months be sure to grab them (links below).

60 Recipes for a Healthier Holiday

The holidays are right around the corner!!
How many of you plan to stick to your diet or maintain your health through the holidays?
As hard as it may sound, it is not impossible. I have compiled a list of healthier options for your holiday meal.

15 Ways To Get Your Kids Organized With Command Hooks

Wow! Who knew that there could be so many ways to organize with command hooks?!!! I'm not even half way through this series and this post, along with the two previous posts (links below), share a total of 50 different ways to organize with command hooks! 
Today's post shares some brilliant and unique ways to use command hooks to get your kids toys under control. 

Over 40 Indoor Activities For Kids

Keep your kids from getting stir crazy this winter with these fun indoor games, experiments, and crafty ideas.

Top 11 Organizing Hacks For Your Christmas Decor

I don't know about you, but by the end of December I am so sick of seeing Christmas decorations that I'm tempted just shove everything in a closet (don't even worry about taking ornaments off the tree), close the door, and forget about it until next year. However, I don't have a closet large enough and shoving items in boxes always leaves me with a tangled mess and broken ornaments. While these Christmas storage hacks may seem time consuming, I promise that your will be thankful you did them when you pull all the decorations out again next year.

14 Drink Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter

Cold winter nights are always better curled up under a cozy blanket with warm drink. These 14 drink recipes are a combination of alcoholic and kid friendly drinks so you are sure to find something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

How To Organize Your Bathroom With Command Hooks

I'm back with the second post of my series, Organizing Your Entire Home With Command Hooks. If you missed my first post, How To Organize Your Kitchen With Command Hooks, be sure to scroll down and click on the link below. 
Today I'm sharing how to organize your bathroom with command hooks. 

The Secret to Cleaning Your Fireplace Glass

When I first heard this tip for cleaning fireplace glass I didn't believe it. It sounded too easy to be true. Well... I tried it anyways, and it worked!!! Now I can't wait to share it with you. Best of all, it won't cost you a dime. You probably already have all the supplies on hand.

Brilliant Uses For Shoe Organizers

Who knew that there were so many amazing uses for over-the-door shoe organizers?!! Today I'm sharing 12 brilliant ideas, aka... 12 reasons you should have a shoe organizer hanging on every door in your home. 

6 Super Easy, Last Minute Crafts For Toddlers

There are so many amazing halloween craft ideas for kids floating around blogland!! Today I wanted to share my top halloween craft projects that are simple enough for toddlers.

How To Organize Your Kitchen With Command Hooks

I first fell in love with command hooks around 8 years ago, before I became a home owner. Command hooks where the perfect way to hang items and organize my rental home. I've shared a few command hook ideas in many of my Tips & Tricks posts but I though it would be even better to combine all the genius ideas for organizing with command hooks into a few great organizing posts. This post is the first in my series for organizing your entire home with command hooks.

Fall Crafts for Kids

I love simple kid crafts that are easy to set up. Here are 10 fun project to keep your little one entertained (for at least a minute or two. lol)

October Undated Calendar - Free Printable

I hope that all of you are enjoying these first few days of fall!! I am in love with the adorable pumpkins and bats on this month's calendar. This is the perfect time to start preparing for 2019 so be sure to grab all of my previous undated calendars (links below) to create your free 2019 calendar.

7 Spooktacular Halloween Wreath Ideas

Wow!! I was at Cracker Barrel yesterday and they had a Christmas display set up next to the cash register. Christmas!! Seriously!?!! I'm not even ready for Halloween!! EEK!! Definitely a sign that I better get on the ball.

What about you? Are you ready for Halloween? What about Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years? 
Its hard to believe they are right around the corner.
In the meantime, check out these fun Halloween wreath tutorials. 

Set The Table With Faux Tin

Enhance your dining table with the delicate beauty of faux vintage-tin ceiling tiles turned into place mats. (As seen in Farmhouse Style - Autumn 2018)

15 Mouth Watering Pumpkin Recipes

The best thing about fall is pumpkin EVERYTHING!! Check out these 15 mouth watering pumpkin recipes that will leave you craving more!!

7 Amazing Tips For Organizing Your Tupperware And Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes. This is great when you need the perfect container to store your lunch leftovers, but it's not so great when it comes to organizing them. The awkward shapes and sizes makes them so difficult to store. Most people resort to shoving their storage containers in a cupboard or draw but this makes it difficult to find matching lids. Today I'm sharing 7 practical and creative ways to organize your food storage containers so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Top 14 Projects to Make This Fall

The weather is cooling down and it's the perfect time of year to hide away indoors and whip up some amazing projects. 

Organize Without A Closet - 8 Brilliant Clothing Storage Hacks

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a home with closets, but there are endless alternative solutions for storing your clothes. Here are 8 creative clothing storage hacks that do not require a closet.

30+ Insanely Genius Tips, Tricks, and Hacks That You need in Your Life

It's been a while since I've shared a 'random tips' post with you guys so I thought it was time that I do another one. I'm sharing 36 brilliant tips, tricks, and life hacks that you'll wish you would have thought of sooner.

Top 15 Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Handmade Halloween costumes are so much better than store bought. Don't you agree?
Here are my 15 favorite handmade kids costumes.

How You Can Use Baskets To Declutter Your Home

Baskets are so versatile! You can literally use them in any room of your home, and you can organize just about everything with them. Today I'm sharing several uses for baskets in all areas of the home, as well as a few links to my favorite basket find on amazon, to help you get your home and life organized.

DIY Your Wardrobe This Fall { 21 Cute & Simple Tutorials }

Are you thinking about updating your wardrobe for the upcoming season? Before you go out a spend a ton of money on new clothes, be sure to check out these amazing diy projects to create your own fall wardrobe.

17 Hacks For Your Best Halloween Yet

Halloween is just a little over two months away. For the serious Halloween decorators, there is no such thing as to early when it comes to planning your Halloween decor. These 17 brilliantly, creative Halloween ideas are sure to get the creative wheels turning to help you transform your home into a Halloween masterpiece.

10 Brilliant DIY Organizers From Recycled Cardboard

Organizing does not have to be expensive. These creatively, brilliant DIY organizers are made from simple cardboard. It doesn't get any cheaper than that!!

Using Pumpkins in Fall Decor

When I think of pumpkins, I think of Halloween and scary faces. 
However, there are several ways you can incorporate pumpkins into your fall decor to keep on display all season long. Here are just a few of the wonderful ideas that I have found.

7 More Sewing Patterns To Get You Organized

This is a continuation of my previous post 7 Sewing Tutorials to Help You Stay Organized. Today I'm sharing even more amazing sewing tutorials and patterns to get and stay organized.

September Undated Calendar - Free Printable

The past few months I've been a little late getting these monthly calendars posted. This month I wanted to make sure that I got it out to you in time. So here it is... September's monthly undated calendar. Enjoy

Creative Uses for Mod Podge

Do you know who Jan Wetstone is?

About 43 years ago, a woman named Jan Wetstone invented Mod Podge  in her home. 
I wonder if Jan knew how much joy and inspiration her product would bring when she invented it?

6 Adorable Toy Makeovers

Have you ever seen a dirty, well used toy at a yard sale or thrift store and thought, no one is going to want that. Well there are people who actually buy those toys. In fact, they take those toys home and somehow transform them into something fun and magical. Get inspired with these 6 brilliant ideas for transforming kids toys.

12 Inspiring Ideas for Using Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint!!
A few years ago, if someone was talking about a chalkboard they usually meant the giant board that sat on the wall in the front of the classroom. These board were usually boring black or a very unattractive green. In today's world, chalkboards are being used outside the classroom in many ways.

21 Delicious Jalapeño Recipes

I know that jalapeños are not for everyone but I personally can't get enough of them. I add them to a majority of our meals and I grow them in our garden every year. I think they add just the right amount of heat and flavor without being overpowering. If you're a jalapeño fan too, then you'll enjoy today's post. I'm sharing 21 jalapeño recipes that I know you're going to love.

August Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Ok, It's finally here! Don't forget to save this along with the past month's free calendars (links in the post below) so that you can use them next year and for the years to come!!

July Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Here is July's undated calendar! Like I said before, I know that it is too late to use this year but you can still print it our along with the past month's calendars to use next year. Keep an eye out for the August calendar coming very soon.

Best Ways to Dress Up A Cheap Mirror

Next time you're at the dollar store be sure to grab a few cheap mirrors and use these amazing diy ideas to transform them into something you'll be proud to display on your wall.

June Undated Calendar - Free Printable

Ok you guys, I am such a bad blogger. I completely forgot to share my monthly undated calendars this summer. Can I blame it on the heat? So even though June is long gone, I'm still going to share this free printable so that you can print it and use it next year or the many years to come. 

Home Decor For Less - DIY Knockoffs

Today there are so many wonderful home decor stores that offer such a variety of beautiful products. Unfortunately, many of them come with a high price tag. Today I'm sharing some amazing home decor knock-off from a few of my favorite stores.

Menu & Shopping List - Free Printable

This printable will print on a full page (8.5 x 11) and can be cut in half to use in a half page or A5 Planner. This printable is perfect for writing out and planning your weekly meals. Here is a great tip to cut down on the time you spend planning meals: Print out 4-6 of these menu planning printables and fill them in with all of your family's favorite meals. Under the shopping list, write down everything that you need in order to make each of the meals for the week. Laminate (optional) and store. When you're ready to go shopping, you already have a full meal plan and shopping list made up. Rotate through the printables and add more to it as you wish.

11 Decor Projects Using Fall Leaves

Can you believe that Fall is almost here?! Who else is as excited as I am about cool weather, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spiced coffee!! Here are 11 beautiful leaf projects that are sure to get you into the fall spirit!

Beautiful Transformations Using Paint

I am a firm believer that a little bit of paint will make anything pretty. Here are a few things that you may not have thought to paint.

9 DIY Chicken Wire Projects

Chicken wire has been popping up everywhere lately!! Not only is chicken wire inexpensive but it will instantly add a rustic farmhouse feel to your diy project. Today I'm sharing 9 creative and fun ideas for using chicken wire in and around your home. 

Shows to Watch - Free Printable (5.5 x 8.5)

With so many new shows coming out it can be hard to keep track of them all. This printable can help. Write down the shows you really want to see and write the date they will premier so that you won't forget.

13 Creative Uses For Pool Noodles

It always amazes me how creative people can be. These 13 brilliant pool noodle hacks will blow you mind. Pool noodles are usually only sold during the summer so be sure to grab a few next time you're at the store, before they run out. (or you can scroll down to the end of this post for some amazing pool noodle deals!!)

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