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12 Inspiring Ideas for Using Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint!!
A few years ago, if someone was talking about a chalkboard they usually meant the giant board that sat on the wall in the front of the classroom. These board were usually boring black or a very unattractive green. In today's world, chalkboards are being used outside the classroom in many ways.

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Stop wasting paper and check out these adorable tablets found at Peg and Awl. They are the perfect thing for taking notes. Leave it next to the phone for those unexpected phone calls. Leave it in the kitchen to jot down a quick shopping list. There are so many possibilities. 

Make some adorable greeting cards or party invitations like the ones seen at Morgan Hill Designs

Use chalkboard paint on a dresser and you'll never forget what drawer your jeans are in.
This beautiful red dresser was found at Isabella & Max Rooms.

Who knew you could put a chalkboard on a t-shirt?
Wear this to an event and ditch the ugly "Hello, my name is" sticker. Give it as a gift with a special message written on it. Or use it as a holiday greeting like this "boo" t-shirt found at The Idea Room

Put a frame above your bed and write your sweetie a special message to read before he crawls in bed after a long day of hard work. Check out more photos of this beautiful bedroom at Design Sponge.

Martha Stewart found this amazing idea of using different shades of grays to create a permanent wall calendar. 

Jen over at Freckles Crafts uses a chalkboard to leave messages in her child's lunch box. How adorable is that?

Don't know what to do with those board books that your kids have outgrown? Paint them with chalkboard paint to provide hours of entertainment. 

Ruthiauda paints wine bottle with chalkboard paint to create some beautiful decor in the kitchen. 

Head on over to Smile Monsters for a quick tutorial on how to make these fabulous message rocks. Not just for Halloween. These would look great by the front door with a welcome message or in the office with words of inspiration.

Organize your pantry with chalkboard tags. Make your own using this tutorial from Lil Blue Blue.

These mugs from Wisteria are perfect for keeping track of which mug is yours or writing a morning message to your sweetie before they head off to work.

Ok, I'm sure by now you are ready to go out and buy some chalkboard paint (if you don't already have some.) But before you do that let me share with you this wonderful tutorial I found at Going Home to Roost for making your own chalkboard paint in any color you want.

What you need:
- flat latex paint in your desired color
- unsanded tile grout (2 tbls for each 1 cup of paint)
- a roller or brush
- 150 grit sandpaper
- painter’s tape
- chalk

How to:
Click HERE for the tutorial.

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Wait!! Do you want to see more amazing DIY projects?!! Subscribe to my mailing list to get updates sent straight to your inbox!


  1. I have a love affair with chalkboard paint too. It is a canvas that you can reuse time and time again. I love the different shades of grey for the calendar. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Wanda from

  2. I just did my very first chalkboard paint project today! It is such fun stuff. And so cool that you can make your own paint!! I enjoyed coming across your blog!

  3. So far I've only used the spray paint chalkboard paint, but it would be totally fun to make my own colors :)

  4. I'm trying to stop myself looking around the house for places to put chalkboard paint now....I think you may have unleashed a monster..hurrah! :) xx

  5. Aaaw! So many lovely ideas! Never new that chalkboard paint was good for so many things. I'll definitely try it one day.
    Love from Holland, Annemarie

  6. I LOVE chalkboard paint! The creative possibilities are ENDLESS! Thanks for sharing ;)

  7. I haven't used chalkboard paint before, so I really appreciate the step by step process! The little girl holding up the chalk board as a birthday invite is adorable! hehehe

  8. I have never bought chalkboard paint - I need to a project soon I think! New gfc follower, saw you on linky party, Karima :)

  9. Awesome post! I love the wall calendar, that's great!

  10. Thanks for putting all these together! I bought some of that tile grout and can't wait to make my own chalkboard paint. I'm thinking it may even be a Defrump Gals project so we can split the cost (and the mess!)

  11. I have a serious obsession with chalkboard paint. this post is perfect and probably terrible for me because I will want to try everything. I think I would paint my whole house chalkboard if I could. take care! I'm a follower!


  12. I love the peg and awl chalkboard. It is a great idea for leaving notes around the house. My problem is writing with chalk means chalk all over my hands. The chalk in the picture seems like it is in a sleeve. How do you do that?

  13. I've got to say... I agree! Chalkboard paint is really the best thing since slice bread. Also, Chevron & Turquoise. I too am a bit obsessed right now with the paint and I have been on a painting streak with it!
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come Fine me on: A Mother Seeking...

  14. They can be found in a variety of shades and colours and will match a great variety of kitchen furniture styles, from timber to metal pieces. For the granite tile kitchen countertops to keep its beauty for a long time, a daily maintenance is necessary.

  15. So clever! If you get a chance, I'd love to have you link up! ( Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for sharing this on Fancy This Fridays!!! There are some great ideas in here! :) Featured you over on the Facebook page today FYI! ;)

  17. Thanks a ton for this post. Love the ideas featured here and the how-to at the bottom. You made my day!?

  18. I love all of the ideas you shared! I have some chalkboard paint that I need to do something with. Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up!

  19. Making our own colors is a awesome ideas--love the inside of the lunchbox idea--adorable!

  20. These ideas are fabulous! I will have to make sure my sister sees this as they are buying some chalkboard paint this week for some wardrobes and they can do some of these things with the left over paint.

    Best wishes,

  21. I love all these ideas! And to make chalkboard paint yourself is even better! I featured your project ideas on this week's Terrific Under Ten.

  22. I saw those same chalkboard tablets on Etsy, too. Don't you just love them?! So many great ideas!

  23. Wow thank you for sharing the "recipe"! I love the little tablets at the much cuter than post-it-notes. :)

    P.S. I'm having a $50 cash giveaway on my blog this week. Come by when you have a chance! :)

  24. I LOVE chalkboard paint! Thanks so much for linking up to Thrifty Thursday :)

  25. I haven't had a chance to try chalkboard paint yet but I love the idea of putting it inside the lunchbox. This was a seriously great round-up. I would love for you to share with my readers if you get the chance:)

  26. Love the idea for different color chalk paint!

    Im your newest follower.

    Smiles :o)


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