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Last Minute Halloween Bag

Halloween sure did sneak up on me! 
I knew it was coming. 
I had the kids costumes already picked out and pumpkins already bought. And in my adventures of unpacking I even managed to find the girls Halloween bags that I made for them last year. 
Of course that was 2 weeks ago and didn't want them cluttering up the house at the time so I shoved them back in the box and decided to wait till Halloween was a little closer. As the days went on I kept thinking I should probably get them out before they got lost in the masses of boxes but in the end I decided to put it off for another day. 

Yesterday morning after a short text message conversation with my sister, the decision was made to check out a local Trunk-or-Treat last night. I was thankful that I still knew around-a-bout which box contained the Halloween bags. I headed out to the garage and managed to find them in the second box I opened. But I was not too excited when I pulled out these.

While the ghost bag I made for my oldest was still in good shape... 

this little guy was just not going to do it for my youngest.
It was perfect last year for an almost 1-year-old who was barley walking, but it was a little to small for her this year.

In a panic I began the search for something to make a new bag. I was originally going to cut up an old pillow case until I discovered a better idea. Sitting right there in the middle of my daughters bedroom floor was 
canvas bag that some blocks came in. 
(Sorry, forgot to take a photo but you can view the bag here)

It was perfect!! I found some orange and green felt I had laying around and decided on making a pumpkin. I started by drawing one on a piece of paper. When I was happy with my drawing I traced it onto the felt and cut it out. 

Then I lightly drew some lines on the pumpkin for guides and using a fancy stitch, I stitched over them.I used the same stitch again around the entire pumpkin.

This little guy got the same treatment (sorry for the blurry pic. didn't realize it was so bad till I uploaded it.)

Using my trusty glue (the only glue that I could find in my pile of unpacked boxes in the garage), I glued the pumpkin and stem to the bag.

Then I used my artistic abilities to draw up a cute little face and filled it in with fabric paint. (NOTE: Painting on felt SUCKS!!)

I was a little disappointed that the Garanimals logo showed through the pumpkin, and yes, there are staines on the bag because I didn't have time to wash it.
My little girl loved it and I guess that's all that matters.

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  1. the 'boo' one is stunning!! You've done a fabulous job.. I'll try this for next year. for sure!! :-)

  2. Cute! I need to make Little Crafter a bag instead of having him carry the standard WalMart plastic I agree, too, painting on felt does suck. Would you share this here?


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