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DIY Duster

Ever since I found this tutorial on Sew Much Ado for a diy swiffer duster, I've been meaning to make a couple of my own. Of course after seeing the tutorial months ago I thought I would be able to remember the tutorial without looking it up again. 
Mine turned out slightly different but still works like a charm. 

Instead of using flannel I used microfiber cloth. I am sure that these are a lot more expensive but seeing that hubby had about 20 of them stashed away with his car cleaning stuff, I figured he wouldn't notice if a few went missing :)

I cut my microfiber cloths into 6 pieces, each measuring about 4X6.

After mixing and matching colors to get the look you want, stack and sew 6 pieces together. Sewing straight down the center from the top and stopping about an inch and a half from the bottom.

Then flip over the top two pieces of cloth and, lining the center of the swiffer up with the center of the cloth, trace around the swifter. Repeat this with the other side. Now sewing only the two middle pieces together, sew along the line you just drew leaving an opening were the curves are.

Beginning with the top layers, make cuts every half inch or so, stopping about 1/4 inch from your stitches.

Once done, slip in your swiffer handle and get dusting!!

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