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DIY Large Keepsake Blanket From Baby Blankets

Actually I finished these before Christmas. Just in time to wrap them up and stick them under the tree.

If you remember way, way, way, way, way back when... I did a tutorial for this keepsake scarf.

The scarf was made from scraps I had leftover after cutting all the pieces for the quilts. Finally, over a year later, I finished both quilts. The quilts themselves actually didn't take that long at all. The quilts spent most of the year seeing nothing more than the inside of a box while I procrastinated. I tried blaming it on the many moves, not enough space, not enough time, ect... but in all reality. I just didn't have the motivation to do it. I attempted... Many, many times... But every time I pulled out that mountain of fabric squares, I was instantly overwhelmed. It was finally around October that I decided, once and for all, I was going to finish them.

  • Each square was 7x7in and I used 144 squares per blanket. (288 total)
  • I started by matching two squares up and sewing them (wrong sides together) with a big X across the middle. (you could also add a layer of batting between the fabric but since we live in a fairly warm climate I chose not to.)
  • I then placed them out on our bed to decide where I wanted each square to go. I wanted it to look random but I didn't want two of the same squares next to each other.
  • Once all the squares were sewn together I started sewing each individual row together. Leaving a half inch seam for the 'rag' look and making sure all the seams were facing the right direction.
  • I then began sewing the rows together. Again using a half inch seam with all seams facing the same direction.
  • Then comes the fun part!!! Cutting all those seams!!! I did mine over a few days in order to avoid painful hand cramps. (I still remember the ones I got from the scarves). We also took a trip to a town about an hour away. Hubby was driving so I thought it would be a good chance for me to finish up the last of my cutting. THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA!! I had tiny little pieces of thread all over me and the car. These things do make a mess so be sure you cut them in a place that can be cleaned easily.
  • After all of the cutting was done, I threw them in the dryer and checked the lint trap about ever 10 minutes. It's important to do this since they create a lot of lint and you don't want it clogging up your dryer. 

The finished blankets measured 48x54 inches. 
They are SUPER SOFT and the girls love them. 

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  1. That's a great quilt, and I'm sure the kiddos love it!

  2. I love rag quilts -- they're so soft and comfy!

  3. OH! How pretty. What lucky girls.

  4. This is really, really cute!! I might tackle making a t-shirt quilt for the future husband...

  5. Wow, your quilts are beautiful. That was a ton of work, but you clearly put a lot of love into them as well. I'm sure the girls love them! What wonderful keepsakes! And thank you for the tutorial. I'd love for you to share this at out Be Inspired Link Party!

  6. I love rag quilts, I am dying to make one. The fabric in this one is so sweet.

  7. They look SO soft! I bet your girls will love them for years to come! I made one of these quilts years ago from jeans, corduroy and old flannel shirts. I still remember the hand cramps (and the mess!) quite vividly!

    1. Thankfully, doing the cutting over several days, I didn't have any hand cramps!!

  8. Really nice! It looks great on your bed and is so cute.

  9. Very beautiful and wonderful work! ♥


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