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Kitchen Organizing - Spices

Yay!!! I get to check one more item off of my list of projects.

I've always had issues organizing our spices. I've tried storing them in a cabinet, spice organizers, and our current situation... stuffed in the corner of our pantry. 

Nothing was working. I finally decided to take them out of their original containers and put them all in baby food jars. This worked out for two reasons:
  1. I no longer have to deal with several different shapes and sizes. I now only have two sizes. (I would have preferred to used all larger baby food jars but I didn't have enough so I just used the larger ones for the spices we use most often.)
  2. They all fit nicely inside a drawer next to the stove.
 After deciding how many baby food jars would fit inside the drawer, I removed the labels and gave them a good wash. I painted the lids black then grabbed my silhouette to make some labels.

Oh, wait... I don't have a silhouette!! However, if I did have one, I'm sure I could have made some amazing labels :)

Without a silhouette I had to resort to google search. I found these free printable ones that I liked. I set all my spices on the kitchen table and discovered a few doubles. (This is why I need to organize them.)

I cut out all the labels, wrote the spices on them with a pen, then glued them on using some mod podge and added a couple coats of mod podge on top. Once the tops were dry I put the spices in and stuck everything into the drawer. Ta da.....

Now I have all my spices in a convenient location next to the stove and I don't have to worry about them getting lost in the back of a cupboard.

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