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12 Fun April Fools Recipes

Fool your family this holiday with these fun April Fools recipes. 

1. Chicken Not-Pie by Family Fun

2. Fried Egg Dessert by Meet the Dubiens

3. Spaghetti & Meatballs... or not? by Pennies on a Platter

4. Ground Beef & Mashed Potato Cupcakes by The 303 Griffiths

5. Fakin' and Eggs by Family Fun

6. Grilled Cheese 'Cake' by Family Fun

7. Silly Cupcakes by Our Best Bites

8. Kitty Litter Brownies by Lady Create-a-Lot

9. Dessert Sushi by Dabbled

10. Meatloaf Cake by Meatloaf Cake Recipe

11. April Fool's Breakfast by

12. Pound Cake French Fries by

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  1. One day, my partner decided to surprise the staff at the storage with some kitty litter brownies. Oh man, the look on their faces when they saw it! Some were not open to even touching it. Gladly, the brownies were superb tasting. In no time, it was gone.


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