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How To Clean Even The Worst Soap Scum

We moved into this house 4 months ago. Prior to moving in I spent two entire days scrubbing from floor to ceiling. It was pretty dirty when we first move in, but it was nothing that a good vacuuming and a little elbow grease couldn't fix. However, there was one area of the house that never got cleaned... the kids/guest bathtub. I had attempted to clean it during those first two days but after spending an hour scrubbing away with no luck I decided the kiddos could just use the master bath until I had more time to spend cleaning it.

After searching the internet, I found a new idea and I decided to take one more crack at cleaning the tub. I filled a spay bottle up with vinegar, no diluting just strait up white vinegar. Then I set a timer to go off every ten minutes. Every time the timer went off I would take the spray bottle and soak the entire tub and shower surround with vinegar. The idea here is that you want to keep the area wet but not so wet that the vinegar just runs off.

{Ten minutes worked great for me however if you want to try this you may need to go longer or shorter between sprays depending on how hot it is and the airflow you have in the room.}
I did this for about 2 hours and used a bottle and a half of vinegar. Then I mixed together some baking soda and water {about 2 tablespoons baking soda to 8 oz water}. Using one of those green kitchen scrub pads, I dipped it in the mixture and then started scrubbing away at the tub and shower. {I had to stir the mixture a few times since the baking soda kept settling at the bottom of the container}

Guess what happened after an hour of scrubbing?


Yes, it did take quite a bit of scrubbing but I saved us a few hundred dollars since we no longer have to buy a new tub and shower!!! I just wish I would have tried this method sooner and saved money on the all of the cleaners I bought that had no effect.

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