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Diy Drawer Organizer

I've been slowly organizing our kitchen. So far, I have shared with you how I built a silverware organizer for less than $2 as well as how I organized my spices.
Today I want to share another drawer organizer with you... my spoons and spatula drawer. I know that a lot of people keep their large spoons and spatulas in a container on the counter, however, I can't stand having things cluttering up my counter tops.

Here is were I used to keep my spoons and spatulas

However, this drawer now contains my spices. I moved the spoons and spatulas to the other side of the stove into a larger drawer.

Using the same supplies and techniques I used for my silverware drawer I made a few dividers and voila...

I was even able to fit a few more kitchen gadgets in the drawer.
On to the knife drawer.

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