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I'm not really sure what started it all, but my girls love to play with pretend snakes. 
(Don't worry, we have had many discussions on what they should do if they ever came in contact with a real snake)

I don't mind that they play with pretend snakes and I love that they have such great imaginations. 
What I don't love is that they never have any socks to wear. 
Because, of course, socks make great pet snakes. 

So I decided to make them each their own pet snakes.

I went through my 'extremely-way-too-large' scrap pile and found a ton of fun colors.

I cut them all 5 inches in length but the width of each one varies.
(You can cut as many as you want - the more pieces the longer your snake will be.)
 Sew all of the pieces in one long line.
I just free handed the pieces for the head and sewed them onto the body.
I then folded the snake in half and sewed a seam down the entire length of the head and body.
Be sure to angle the last few inches in order to make a point for the tail.
Leave the mouth open so you can turn him inside out. 
Once you sew the eyes on and stuff him, hand sew the mouth shut. 

I made this two weeks ago and so far all of the girls' socks have stayed in the sock drawer. 

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  1. That's such a great idea! I think it would be fun to combine snake and sock, and make one out of worn out socks :)

  2. it looks really cute!


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