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Keep your kids busy this summer

Kids will be starting summer soon (some already have). Although my kids are not in school yet, I know how hard it can be to keep the kiddos entertained during the summer months. Sometimes it seems so much easier to just set them in front of a TV and play Dora reruns all day, (and many days I am tempted to) but I know that there are so many more benefits to creative, outdoor play.
  1. They burn energy which leads to better sleep (which leads to mommy sleeping better as well)
  2. They learn so much more
  3. I don't have to hear "I'm bored" 50 times a day
  4. And many, many more.
Here are a couple ideas I am planning on using this summer.

Make a pet rock

(link is not in English but photos are pretty self explanatory)

(I think I made a billion of these when I was a kid)

Make a shell wind chime

 Give them a shady place to play
(definitely a must in this AZ heat)

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  1. I think you mean the kids will say "I'm bored" not "I'm board" ;)

    I reminds me I used to tell my mother "I'm boring"

  2. Great Ideas. I really needed these. THanks.


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