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Christmas in July

Duct Tape Fun

I recently received a package full of some fun patterned Duct Tape.
I was so excited but was soon overwhelmed with the amount of amazing projects that you can make with Duct Tape. 
I finally settled on creating some fun storage boxes.

 I've been using a couple of old boxes for toy storage. They fit perfectly inside our cubbies and where the perfect size for holding our legos and puzzles.
However, they were far from pretty.

I fell in love with this orange and white giraffe print!!
Paired up with the neon green, I knew it would be a fun and bright addition to our classroom.

When I started covering the boxes I noticed that the image on the box was visible through the Duct Tape. To solve this I cut some white printer paper to the same size as the boxes, added a dot of glue to each corner and glued it to the box before taping. I used the giraffe tape for the bottom half of the box and then I folded down the flaps on the box (which were originally tucked inside the box) and covered them with the green tape. 

I then decided to make some dry erase labels for the boxes. 
I used some scrapbook paper, plastic sheet protectors and Duct Tape to make the labels. 
Cut a piece of scrapbook paper and plastic sheet protector the same size (whatever size you want your label to be.

Place dust tape on all 4 sides of the back side of your scrapbook paper leaving about a quarter inch hanging over (You can also cut the duct tape in half length wise to save on tape.) 

Place your piece of plastic in the center and fold the edges of tape over sticking them to the plastic. 

I used a purple permanent marker so that it won't wipe off. If I ever want to change the labels I'll just use this trick to erase them and write something else.

A few facts about Scotch Duct Tape:
  • Scotch Duct Tape comes in 15 colors, 16 patterns and ten combination packages.
  • Pricing: $3.47 - $4.99 for rolls and $4.49 - $5.29 for combination packs.
  • Scotch Duct Tape can be found at Target, Orchard Supply Hardware, Office Depot, Kmart, Lowe's, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and BJ's.

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