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How to de-pit a cherry

For the past couple years I have tried to avoid buying fresh cherries. Don't get me wrong! I absolutely love cherries. However, when your a mom of young kids you know that your kids "have" to eat whatever you are eating and cherries are just not that great for 2 year olds. With the large pit in the center it is easy for a child to choke.
I've tried cutting them in half and removing the seed but since there is a seed in the center you can't just slice the cherry in half. You have to cut all the way around the seed and then try to rip the flesh from the seed. This always resulted in a huge mess for me and I always ended up with large chunks of flesh still stuck to the seed.
My other options were to hide the cherries in the back of the fridge and only eat them when the kids were napping, outside, or after they went to bed. Or just not buy them at all.
On our recent trip to the grocery store we discovered cherries on sale and couldn't pass them up. From the moment the girls saw them go in the cart they were begging to have some. Once we got home I tried once again to cut them in half and remove the pit but after 4 cherries resulting in a pulpy mess I thought there had to be another way. Then I got an idea.
Using a silly straw we had in the pantry I was able to push the pit out of the cherry. It was actually a lot easier than I had expected and left very little mess.

(p.s. In the following photos my hands look really dirty. I promise they are clean! I just finished staining some wood and of course did not use gloves so it stained my hands as well. Please don't judge me )

Grab a straw.

Place the end of the straw against the side of the cherry where the stem was removed.

Holding the cherry firmly, push the straw through the cherry until the pit pops out the other end.

From here you can easily slice the cherries in half, serve them whole, or freeze them and use for smoothies. (By the way, that's not dirt on my hands, it's wood stain.)

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