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The Secret to 'Faking' a Clean Kitchen.


This post has been updated (and a free printable was added) and moved to my new blog.

You can find this printable at the link below:

The Secret to ‘Faking’ a Clean Kitchen


  1. Great ideas... the kitchen and bath are my 2 biggest problem areas! Hate that it always looks cluttered so I love your ideas of using the large baskets!

  2. the best place to hide things is the dishwasher! just remember to unload before starting. lol

  3. Love it! your blog is great. I just started a blog about a week ago so I am just getting started.

  4. A quick counter cleaning with Bleach Water (equal parts bleach and water) clean coffee rings, drips, drops, and other random spots off counters super quick. Especially if those counters are white! It also leaves your kitchen with an unmistakably clean smell.
    Pour 2 TBS vanilla extract into a regular coffee mug. Put the coffee mug into your oven at its lowest temperature setting for 30 min to 1 hour. It will smell like you've been baking all day!
    If all else soon as your company shows up say something like, "Oh my gosh I was just in the middle of cleaning /washing dishes!"

  5. Reserve one side of sofa cushions to be shown to guests. Before company arrives, flip over the cushions to reveal good-as-new fabric. When guests are gone, flip them back.
    Rid the sofa of pet hair by wetting the fingertips of rubber gloves and gliding your hand over the sofa. The hair will stick to the rubber.

  6. You can also hide dirty dishes, clothes, etc in your oven just be careful that you don't forget.

  7. You can also hide dirty dishes, clothes, etc in your oven just be careful that you don't forget.

  8. Nice tips Jamie. I will definitely use your techniques.

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  9. “5. Keep cleaning supplies handy.” - this is what I do! During lazy days, I like to 'fake clean' my kitchen too. Like most, I don't always have the time to thoroughly clean my house, but that doesn't mean I would let it look like a storage house, so I sort of 'fake clean' by keeping things organized, and wiping and dusting a little. --Skylar Cox @

  10. So basically your clean and green tip is to have a secret storage system that you can use to just dump everything inside until later. I think that requires a lot of discipline really. I think if it was me, if I already left something there, I would not look at it probably after a week or two later. That is how my laundry pile in the room looks like now. Hence, your ideas are great but only for those who follow rules.


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