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Home Management Binder - Calendar #2

OK, I know that I have already posted a calendar page which you can view HERE. However, as I started adding more pages to my Home Management Binder, I noticed that the calendar page is the only one that is in landscape format while all of the other pages I have made are in portrait landscape. While this may not bother some of you, I found it irritating having to flip the entire binder around just to view my calendar.
So for those of you who are like me and would rather have all of your pages facing the same direction, you can print out this calendar.


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  1. First I love all your printables. Just the colors and fun formats make me want to get organized. I don't know why but I think I have actually developed an addicion to one of your forms ... lol ... the "jot it". I have a million uses for it. I make tons of notes and for some reason the jot it really helps me were my notes that are usually scribbles to everyone else but are very dependent on become somehow organizable. I only have one issue. If I am wrong please tell me if I have missed it and steer me in the right direction. I would love to see one download or site that contains ALL your printables in one area. I would also see one downloadable pdf downloadable file of all your printables so I don't do so much hunting to find the forms. Granted some forms are not for everyone but I find the more I use your forms the more was I use them. If it was in one saveable pdf file people would not have to print the entire file. They could simply print the page number of the form that they wish to print. If I am over stepping I apologize. I am just very enthused by your work. As an additional thought you might asked your subscribers to write in on how they use each form if different from the obvious reason offered. Thank you so much for your work and help to people like myself that have no imagination on my own and with your help I have hope. Thank you again. Vicki

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I need to get organized. I love these binder printables :)

  3. I too see many printables that I would love to use..but can't seem to figure out how to download them. Do I have to join something. I just want to print those that I need, to save paper. And wish I could find them. The colors are fun, and makes it more enjoyable that just a plain piece of white paper for sure.

    1. Sheryl, just click the "DOWNLOAD" link located right below the photo. It will take you to another page. In the top right hand corner of that page you will see four little icons. Click on the icon that looks like a printer and it will bring up your print options. If you are still having trouble with it please send me an e-mail with the printables you would like to print and I'll send you the files directly.

  4. Your printouts have made my household binder a complete success. Thank you so much!


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