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Home Management Binder - Books list

Keep track of all the books you have read or all the books you wish to read with this fun, free printable.

This Printable is part of my Home Management Binder Series. To view the rest of the free printables click HERE.
To get your free copy be sure to click on the "View & Print" link directly below the photo.

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  1. I just LOVE these lists! I am definitely a list person will be using them. I thought for sure there would be a blank one in the mix somewhere on this list..In the meantime, I think the "Wines to Try" list and I will get along just fine;)

    Love your pages! If ever looking for new ideas...I'd love to see/have/print matching pages to these in some of the other topics I keep running lists in such as:

    - Books I Own (Personal Library)
    - Books I've Let Someone Borrow
    - eBooks I Want
    - eBooks I Own
    - Lists of the Kids' Books
    - Books Titles We've Donated
    - Books to Buy For Others (I often see books while searching for something else that just have to be logged somewhere because so-and-so would just LOVE it!) Thus, I now keep this list and use it for gift ideas too.
    - Books to Write Reviews On (just titled "Write Reviews" right now but of course any number of phrases would work here)

    And of course last but not least, I have categorical book lists as well because yes, I'm that big of a dork. I have mimicked Amazon's basic categories (and only the four I frequent of course) because I purchase most of my books from that site.

    Anyways, again, love your colorful pages...have been looking at tons of organizer pages and am going with several of yours that sync into our world perfectly not only because the formatting fits to a "t" but because of the awesome colors!

    Thank you again!

    All the best,


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