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Home Management Binder Completed

Update: Since writing this post I have added more free printables. You can find all the printables from this page and any new printables at the following link.

This project took a few weeks but it was so worth it!!

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For my binder I chose a large two inch binder with a clear pocket on the front to hold my cover page.

I laminated my tabs and glued them to black card stock.

The 1st page in my binder is my Dates to Remember page.
This is a great place to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and any other yearly celebrations that I need to remember.

The 2nd tab in my binder is my Monthly Calendar. I have transferred all of my dates to remember from above to my this section. I also keep track of my husbands work schedule and pay days, due dates for monthly bills, library book due dates, special events for the kiddos, and any other activity's we have planned for the month.

After my monthly calendar is my Daily tab with my Daily To Do List. I try to sit down every night and write down a couple things that I am thankful for in the bottom right corner. I then grab a new Daily sheet and write down everything that needs to get done for the following day.
The water section has been a huge help in keeping me accountable for drinking enough water throughout the day.

This system works great for me but for those of you that prefer a weekly planner sheet, I have included a link at the bottom of this post.

Behind my daily schedules, I keep a copy of my Cleaning Check List. Without this reminder of what needs to be cleaned my house would be a disaster.

I keep of the Weekly Menu Plan/Shopping List on our fridge throughout the week so that my husband and I can quickly jot down anything we are out of or items we would like to buy. Then sometime during the week (usually on Thursday's), I will write down our menu for the following week and add any ingredients that are not already on the list. We usually do our shopping on Fridays. Once I am done with the list I will place it back in the binder for reference and place a new one on the fridge.

 My Contacts' pages are amazing! My last Home Management Binder didn't have the tabs in the contacts section and it became a major pain to find anyone's phone number. I printed off 13 pages and then cut off all but one tab on each page.

If you follow the link above there is also a link to a contacts page without tabs if you would prefer not to deal with them.

I use the to do list on my daily page for any thing that I need to get done in a single day. I use this To Do List for larger Projects that will take a couple days, such as this binder, deep spring cleaning, and current home remodeling projects.

This Master To Do List is to keep track of all our projects that need to get done someday but are not yet a priority. I will be going over this list often and transferring items to my daily to do list as needed.

Behind my to do list is a notes section where I keep this fun Jot It Page. This is such a great way to keep track of the millions of ideas that run through my head every day. Of course I don't write all of them down. Just the important ones:)

Next I have a tab labeled LISTS. Which includes my Books To Read List, Wines To Try ListMovies & Shows To Watch List and a Blank List.

I am always changing my passwords, and in turn, I am always forgetting them. This Password Log works wonders to help me keep track of what password I am currently using for what site.

The second-to-last section in my binder is my medical section. This Emergency Information page is a great place to keep all of our family's medical information.

I also included this Medical Expenses page in the medical section to keep track of how much we spend on medical bills throughout the year.

The last page in my medical section is the Doctor Visits page. This way we can keep track of dates and reasons for our doctor visits as well as prescriptions that where given.

The last tab in my Home Management Binder is my finance tab. In the front of this section is my Bill Payment Checklist. I love being able to glance at this and know what bills are already paid and what we still have left to pay for the month.

This Bills To Pay Account Information sheet saves me so much time. If I ever need to contact someone regarding one of my bills, need to cancel a service, or add to one, I no longer have to search through a stack of paperwork to find a phone number.

This Bank Account Information page is where I keep all of my information for mine and my husbands bank accounts. I wouldn't recommend that you include this page in your Home Management Binder if you are planning on leaving it out in plain view. This is not information that you would want in the wrong hands.

There are a few other pages that I did not feel I needed to include in my Home Management Binder but you may want to include in yours. Those pages are;

Full Page Monthly Calendar - Portrait View

Weekly Planner Page

Freezer Inventory List

And there you have it. My Home Management Binder is complete for now. Over the next several months I am sure there will be many changes to my binder as I decide what works and what does not work for my family. I will be sure to keep you all posted and up to date on any changes I make or any new printables I add.

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