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SPYTEC Nanny Cam Review

Some of you may already know that before this blog of mine came into existence I used to run an in home daycare. Throughout my daycare career I heard numerous horror stories from other providers as well as the parents themselves about caregivers causing harm to the children that were under their watch. This is the reason that my husband and I are so picky about who we trust to watch our own kids.

Thankfully, there are a few wonderful companies out there who have been working hard to fight these issues and help parents keep their children safe. And I have to say that I was beyond thrilled when SPYTEC contacted me to do a review on one of their Nanny Cams.

The good people at SPYTEC sent me the Zetta Z12 - Motion Activated Spy Camera to test out. The fist thing I noticed about this camera is the size. The width and length are smaller than a credit card so that you can easily conceal the camera just about anywhere. 
Also included with the camera are
  • 5v DC Adapter
  • 5V Car Adapter
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Quick Start Guide 

The Zetta Z12 has tons of amazing features. One of my favorite features are the recording triggers You can set up the camera to start recording when it senses motion, feels vibration, or detects voices.

To test this camera out, I set it up in the girls room. After I let it record for a couple hours I popped the ScanDisk into my computer to view what it had recorded. The camera began recording as soon as my oldest was in view. She was at the opposite corner of the room (about 20 feet away) and even though she was not talking very loud,  I could very clearly hear her entire conversation. The camera recorded the entire time that the girls were in the room and once they left the room the camera stopped recording. 

The camera also has night mode that I tested out in my super dark garage. I was pretty impressed. Even though it was almost pitch black in my garage while I was recording, the recorded video showed up slightly lit and I was able to make out everything in the garage. 

I can think of so many uses for this camera:
  • Place it in your teenagers car to keep an eye on him/her while she is out.
  • Keep an eye on your housekeeper/maid while you are not able to. 
  • Find out which family member has been sneaking cookies out of the pantry. 
  • Keep an eye on your home while you are away for a weekend.
  • Find out who has been smashing all of the mailboxes in your neighborhood.
  • Let friends and relatives borrow your car without having to worry about them being responsible drivers.
  • Not sure if your pre-teen/teen is mature enough to stay home alone? Set up the camera and give them a test run. 
  • Do you suspect inappropriate activity going on in your child's school or daycare? Send them to school with a nanny cam.
  • If you have an indoor dog, set the camera up before you leave to find out what your pet does all day while you are gone. 

 (Note: I would not recommend spying on friends and family. If you choose to record someone you should talk to them about what you are doing and why you feel the need to do it.)

Overall I am highly impressed with this camera and I would definitely recommend.
Click here to purchase your own Zetta Z12 - Motion Activated Spy Camera

What do you think? 
  • Has there ever been a time when you wished you had a nanny cam? 
  • Do you think purchasing one would help give you peace of mind? 
  • How would you feel if someone you babysit for asked if they could place a camera in your home while you were watching over their child?

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  1. There are many sting operations that have been carried out successfully in the past with the help of hidden/spy cameras.

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