Organize your Kitchen to Maximize Storage

I'm sure we could all use a little more storage in the kitchen!!
Here are 12 ways to organize your kitchen in order to maximize storage space.

Add hooks to the inside of cupboard doors to hang brushes, rags and gloves.

Use an extension rod under the sink to store cleaners and add more storage space.

Free up drawer space by hanging your measuring cups inside your cupboard. 

Cut a crate in half and hang on the back side of your pantry door. Great for storing foil and Ziploc bags. 

Install towel bars to the back side of a cupboard or pantry door to hold lids.

 Make your own rotating can organizer. 

Use tension rods to organize your baking dishes.

Keep those papers off your fridge by adding an organizing system to the back side of a cupboard door. 

Make your own drawer dividers.

Use a DVD holder to organize your container lids.

Use a shoe organizer inside your pantry.

Replace the fake drawer under the sink with a towel holder.

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  1. Wonderful tips! Love the towel bar to organize pot lids and tension rods as dividers for trays and cookie sheets, and to hang spray bottles from! Thanks for these terrific ideas! Now I'm eager to tackle my kitchen! Linda

  2. The doors of cabinets are one good area to take advantage of when maximizing storage. They are usually under utilized anyway, so why not make use of every inch of those space. However, when taking up this project, always ensure that the weight of the objects that you wish to hang on the cabinet doors can be well supported by the hinges, else everything can collapse anytime.

  3. I'm lovin all ur tips BUT I have a problem My Kitchen is NOT very Big :( I have 1 Standard Cupboard on the wall 4 my Food Another Cupboard On the ground 4 my plates , pots n pans & then Another Cupboard under my sink 4 my Cleanin products n then have a slim cupboard thing we're I put my trays So u c I Don't have much storage space let alone enuff space 4 my food So am Askin if there r any uva tips u can recomend 4 such a small kitchen :( PLEASE!... Thanx


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