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50 Insanely Clever Organizing Ideas

Organizing tips? Yes, please!! Check out these amazing DIY tips and tricks for organizing your entire home.

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1. Use a wire shelf to organize rolls of wrapping paper. If you don't have a wire shelf a simple piece of scrap wood or even stretching a bungee cord across the area would work just as well. This is the perfect diy wrapping paper storage solution. source not found

2. DIY storage for small objects. Attach jar lids to the underside of cabinets or shelves to organize all of the little things. Perfect for craft items, nuts and bolts, girls' hair accessories, or any other small items you have laying around the house. photo source

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3. Keep cords off the floor and out of sight by attaching a couple binder clips to the back of your desk or entertainment center. photo source

4. Add a board and wheels to the bottom of a wire basket and you have yourself a DIY rolling storage cart. This would be great for books, yarn, craft material, toys, or just about anything you can think of. photo source

5. Pin your plastic bags to the wall inside your pantry. Not only will our bags be easily accessible but it will free up some space on your shelves. source unknown

6. Use a dish drainer to organize a child's art center. Stack books or blank paper between the prongs. Store markers, crayons, and pencils in the utensil caddy. photo source

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7. Using pvc pipe and some rope you can easily add a second clothing bar to you closet. Perfect for small apartments or if you have little kids that can't quite reach the top bar. Another idea would be to use a tension shower curtain rod allowing you to adjust the height as needed photo source

8. Use picture frames to create a diy organizer to store thread, twine and rope. Not only will they be easily accessible but they look pretty too. photo source

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9. Recycle drawers by adding some casters and use for diy under-the-bed rolling storage. photo source unavailable 

10. Using command hooks (or screw hooks if you don't mind the holes), hang wire baskets on the back of your closet door to store purses, scarves, and other accessories. To save money, search garage sales for older baskets and spray paint them to match your decor.  photo source

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11. DIY food storage lid organizer. Attach a cooling rack to the top of a basket to organize all of those pesky food storage lids.Just thread fishing line through the holes in the basket and over the top of the drying rack to hold it in place. photo source unknown 

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12. Use toilet paper rolls to organize your cords then decorate with washi tape to beautify them? photo source

13. DIY bathroom storage. Hang baskets on towel bars to take advantage of unused wall space. The baskets can be attached with zip ties or  S hooks. This is a perfect idea for storing extra hand towels in the bathroom, organizing kids' toys, keeping craft items together, or even storing items in the garage. photo source unknown 

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14. Install a shelf above the door for extra bathroom storage. This would also be great in the garage, bedroom, or even storing items in a toddlers room that you need to be out of your child's reach. photo source

15. Carve a few nooks into your medicine cabinet shelf and you have hidden storage for your tooth brushes. photo source

16. These shoe organizers are great for ANY door or cabinet. You can hang them in the laundry room for cleaning supplies or the kids bedroom to organize toys. Also perfect in the craft room for yarn, fabric, or other craft items. You could even hang one inside your shower to store bath supplies (just make sure there is a way for water to drain out of the pockets). photo source unknown

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17. Keep your cell phone off the floor or counter while it's charging by carving an empty lotion bottle into a nifty cell phone holder. (If you attempt this make sure your holder is resting on the plug and not the metal prongs which could cause a fire.) photo source

18. Glue some clothespins or use screw hooks on a strip of wood for a creative way to organize belts and necklaces. You could also use the clothes pins to hang a small box or basket for chunky bracelets or other items that wont fit the clothespins. photo source

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19. Use shower curtain rods to hang and organize your purses. If you don't have any room on your clothing rod try using a small tension rod in an unused nook or even inside a cabinet.  photo source 

20. Use screw hooks to hang a basket under your desk to keep cords hidden and off the floor. photo source unknown

21. Glue an envelope to the inside of your journal or a notebook to store all of those little keepsakes or current projects. photo source

22. Use wooden crates to make a coffee table with lots of storage. Just attach the crates to a large board and add casters. photo source

23. Place your kitchen items inside a plastic tub before storing them in your cupboards. No more digging for stuff in the back. (This would also work great in the bathroom or garage.) photo source unknown

24. Glue old book spines to a box for hidden storage. Leave the front cover on one of the books and the back cover on another to use as the sides of your box. This would be perfect for spare remotes, cables, router, or anything else you wish to keep out of site but accessible. photo source 

25. Use bungee cords to corral balls in the garage. Another idea would be to use a similar concept with a section of a book shelf to store stuffed animals or other toys in the playroom. photo source

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26. Add magnet tape to the inside of a medicine cabinet or cupboard to store bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers. photo source

27. Glue magnets to the back of your kids drinking glasses to keep them within your kids reach and to keep you from washing several glasses every day. photo source

28. Make a simple ribbon dispenser using soda bottles. Cut the top off of two bottles, squish the two bottom halves together and cut a slit in the side. Use rubber bands to hold the bottles together and to keep the ribbon ends in place. photo source

29. Organize hair ties with a carabiner. Attach a hook to the inside of a cabinet to keep your hair ties easily accessible. photo source unknown

30. This is a great idea for those in need of two office spaces but don't have the room. Cut a table in half and attach it to a book shelf. You could hang a cork board or calendar to the back side for additional organization or even use two book shelves back to back. photo source

31. Attach small side tables to the wall. Not only does it raise the height of the table so you can reach it easier but you can also place a basket underneath for additional storage. photo source

32. DIY closet organizer. Add shelving to the inside of closet doors to organize books and games. This would also be perfect in the pantry for spices and boxed items. photo source

33. Add a wire basket under you deck for additional outdoor storage space. What a great way to hide garden hoses, outdoor dog toys, or sport equipment. source unknown

34. Stay on top of the laundry with this DIY laundry system. Assign one basket to each family member and keep them accountable for their own clothesphoto source

35. Create these DIY sandal hangers. Use wire hangers to organize your shoes and keep them off the floor. Just bend the hangers like the ones in the photo above and decorate with paper or fabric. photo source

36. Organize your outfits using soda pop tabs. photo source

37. Add dividers to any box to organize cords and chargers. Include labels so that you know what each cord is for then put the lid on and place the box on a book shelf or someplace that is easy to reach.  photo source

38. Keep coupons and receipts organized with a ribbon memo board. Use duct tape to attach the ribbon to some foam board then hang it inside a cabinet. photo source

39. Use adhesive hooks to hang lids on the back side of the cupboard door. No more digging around in the back of the cupboard to find the lid you need. photo source unknown

40. Cut hanging file folders in half and drape your fabric over them then store inside a filing drawer or file box. This makes it so much easier to find the fabric you are looking for. photo source

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41. Screw eye screws into a wooden hangers to organize earrings and necklaces. photo source unknown

42. Recycle baby wipe cases to store game pieces. So much better than using the bulky boxes that the games originally come in. You could also spray paint them to match your decor. photo source

43. Use moulding on a wall or in a closet to organize your shoes and get them off the floor. photo source

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44. Organize all of those little items with labeled Altoids tins. photo source unknown

45. Hang cork tiles to the inside of kitchen cupboards to keep track of all your important notes. photo source unknown

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46. For long road trips, stick shower baskets to the window to organize markers, snacks, and other fun items for your kids. photo source

47. Keep kids art work from getting out of control by making this fun art display. The clipboards allow you to easily change out your child's work as needed. photo source

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48. Using a repurposed door on top of cube organizers makes for a simple craft table with lots of storage. photo source

49. Use shoe boxes to organize your drawers. This makes to so much easier to find what you need and keeps items from getting lost in the back of the drawer. photo source

50. Use Velcro dots to keep drawer organizers from sliding around when you open or close the drawer. photo source 

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  1. These are awesome ideas. I am definitely going to be trying many of these.

  2. I love all these easy organization ideas. There's something in here for everyone!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  3. This is so cool I love it for my little apartment thanks

  4. LOVE many of these ideas & they're so simple! I have a list to try already. Thanks for the great compilation of ideas :-)

  5. Thanks for including my rolling basket in this fabulous round-up!! Pinning right now:)

  6. These are the BEST ideas I've ever seen! You are so creative. Thanks for some great ideas!

  7. Great list of tips! I especially like the one for screwing a basket to the underside of the desk to hold power strips, etc. We have a subwoofer under our desk, as well as 2 power strips and a router and it's always a mess because my son sits at the computer and likes to rest his feet on the subwoofer, so all the other stuff I've picked up off the floor gets jammed in the back. I think we'll be getting a basket TODAY!

  8. THANKS for featuring my bakers twine storage solution! I love it, all these ideas are wonderful. Organizing is a constant battle, definitely gonna put some of these great ideas into action at my house!

  9. I thought I was the queen of organisational ideas until I discovered your website. I like some of the novel ideas you have for the storage of some items, particularly the drawers with wheels kept out of sight under the bed and the idea for the storage of plastic lids – they generally drive me crazy!

  10. Love this! Ty so much for sharing!

  11. I'm wondering why you would cut the table in half. Wouldn't it be better to take the back off the bookcase and put the table through it then reattach the back? I don't think the table would be too sturdy if you cut it. Just curious. Lots of great ideas. Ones in which I plan on trying! Thanks!

  12. great ideas & wud really like more on playroom & kids rooms as my daughters room is small & she has loads of toys & i need sum decluttering ideas as well if u av any many thanks

  13. The jar lid idea reminds me of something a friend of mine did with a metal work table and magnetic holders of the like. I am a big sucker for vertical and upside-down storage ideas!

  14. Thanks for sharing. I really like the ideas

  15. It has very nice pictures and goods storage manners....

  16. All great ideas!! I can't wait to try some of these. Do you have some ideas for laundry rooms and garages...these seem to be my biggest headache room!! Soo ugh stuff Soo little room! Thanks!!

    1. I agree. Garages particularly can be one of the worst areas (in terms of organization) of any home. Something that you might want to try is commercial or industrial shelving. While it might not look as sophisticated, its rustic appearance often goes with garages while its large size and strong design allows it to hold heavy weight items that once just sucked up floor space.

  17. All great ideas!! I can't wait to try some of these. Do you have some ideas for laundry rooms and garages...these seem to be my biggest headache room!! Soo ugh stuff Soo little room! Thanks!!

  18. Great post! Been reading a lot about organizing my home. Thanks for the info here!

    1. Your welcome. So glad you found some useful information.

  19. What an amazing post! There are so many good ideas here that I'm not even sure where to start!

  20. Great! love it, thanks for posting this. <3 :)

  21. What truly wonderful ideas!!! I've seen some of them on other blogs, but your list includes so many I hadn't seen or thought of. Thanks a million!

  22. Theres some great ideas here.

    1. Thank you. Be sure to check out my post "50 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks For Every Room In Your Home"


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