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10 Ways to Cover up Those Household Eyesores

Let's face it. Every house has them. Those unsightly objects you just can't stand to look at. Whether they are electrial cords, thermostats, or air vents. Here are a few common household eyesores and solutions to help you cover them up.

Hide your kitty litter inside a cabinetTutorial.

Cover you unappealing bathroom fans with something more attractive - Tutorial.

Changed the look of your floor/wall vents with a simple coat of paint. Tutorial.

Build a lattice wall around your air conditioner - Tutorial

Use cord hiders to hide electrical cords - Tutorial

Use decorative baskets or make your own book storage to hide game controllers and t.v. remotes - Tutorial

Books also make great storage for wireless routers and modems - Tutorial

Hide your TV with artwork and a sliding closet rack - Tutorial

Use a piece of art to cover your thermostat or home alarm system - tutorial not found

Use stainless steel paint to upgrade your appliances and give the look of stainless steel without the cost - Tutorial

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