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10 DIY Summer Party Ideas

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and celebrate. Check out these brilliant ideas to make your next party a success.

Make your own ring toss game. Paints recycled soda bottles in fun, bright colors. Use bangles or decorate the inner ring of small embroidery hoops to use as rings.

Enjoy watermelon without the mess! Not only are these watermelon pops adorable, they may cut down on drippy messes.

Set up a smores station. These would be perfect sitting next to the DIY mini grills I shared in Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Summer.

I loved making these paper chains as a child. Unfortunately mine never looked this amazing. What a fun way to add a pop of color to your party.
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Don't waist time scooping ice cream at your party. Plan ahead of time. Scoops ice cream into a cupcake tin lined with paper baking cups. Place in the freezer for up to several hours before serving.

Set up this sunscreen and bug spray station to allow for hours of fun while avoiding burns and irritating pests.

This watermelon drink dispenser makes a fun display for kids and adults alike. Fill with punch for kids or add some vodka to the watermelon juice for a more grown-up drink.
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If you plan on serving iced tea at your party, let your guests flavor it to their liking with these simple syrups.

What can be more fun than cotton candy?? Cotton candy wrapped around a glow stick!!!

Keep your guests busy with this large scale Ker-Plunk game. Using a few boards, wooden dowels, and wire netting, tis game is simple to put together and a blast to use.

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