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Add more Seating to Your Home With These diy Tutorials

We love to entertain but sometimes it is hard to find enough seating for everyone. While searching online for a solution I found some amazing ideas that I thought I would share with you.

This would be great for anyone on a budget. Tires are so easy to come by and this ottoman/seat would be easy enough to put together in a couple hours and it looks amazing!! 
via Original Source Unknown

This brightly colored bench made from cheap wooden crates bought from Micheal's craft store. Add some paint and a cushion and voila!

Of course I had to add my own floor cushion to this collection!! This cushion was made form only one yard of fabric and is perfect for kids. You could easily make a larger version for adults. 

Made from bricks and a board, this simple bench will only take a few minutes to put together.
via Original Source Unknown

This amazing bench is perfect for the back patio and will provide plenty of extra seating.

For a cheaper and easier version, this seating area made from pallets looks fantastic.
via Original Source Unknown

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  1. Great ideas, love the look of the second to last sectional. I was wondering if you are still hosting your linky party? Have a great Memorial Day!

    1. Thanks Mindie,
      The link parties are on break for now. For some reason the last several link parties have turned into a place to share religious posts. I'm not against religion but that is not what DIY Home Sweet Home is about. I started deleting a lot of them and even contacted a few of the people who were posting a lot and asked them to stop. However, it got to the point that there were more religious posts (that had absolutely nothing to do with DIY) than there were recipes and crafts and it was getting hard to keep up with all of them.

  2. Briliant ideas, i like your tipe :), thank you

  3. That idea of creating a chair using tires is amazing! I cannot wait to get started on it! Thanks for the tips! -Patrick Tan


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