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68 Amazing Tutorials to Spruce up Your Home

Spruce up your home this summer with these fabulous tips and tutorials.

1.Create new lighting or update the old lighting in your home.
You can find these and more inspirational DIY lighting tutorials at 16 DIY Lighting Idea.

2. Give those ugly, outdated flower pots a makeover.
Visit 12 Upcycled Pots to Beautify Your Home for more great ways to transform an ordinary planter.
3. Transform the area under your stairs into something more useful.
Check out 7 Great Ideas for Making the Area Under Your Stairs Work For You for some genius ideas to make that awkward area under the stairs work for you.

4. Add a conversation piece to your wall.
Visit Not Your Typical Wall Art {23 DIY Projects For Your Walls} for more fabulous wall art tutorials.

5. Hide those hideous eyesores.
10 Ways to Cover up Those Household Eyesores has several genius ideas to hide those "not-so-pretty" items that every home has.

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