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Christmas in July

7 Herb Garden Ideas

Enjoy the taste of fresh herbs with these simple herb garden idea.

Recycled Can, Countertop Garden via HGTV

Mason Jar Wall Garden via Camille Styles

Vertical Planter Garden via Sweet Bella Roos

Hanging Window Garden via Itsy Bits and Pieces 

Hanging Basket Garden via The Telegraph

Hanging Planter Garden via Buzz Feed

Gutter Chalkboard Garden via Chiffons and Boutons

For even more amazing gardening ideas? Check out the Gardening Tips tab located at the top of the page. 

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  1. It’s great to stumble upon here and learn new ideas about planting. I have been looking for some ideas how to beautify my mini garden while traveling and guess I have to spend time here how to create a Mason jar wall garden! Great ideas!

    Miranda of
    Apache Trail Tours

  2. Nice post! I like it and i have learned new ideas about planting:) This idea is very helpful for me to beautify my garden :) I spend much time in my garden. Great ideas!!


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