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8 Genius Fridge Hacks

Keep your fridge in order with these simple hacks.

Use baskets to organize and group similar items together. {via} Find these same baskets here.

Use a lazy Susan to organize condiments. {via}  Buy a double-stacked lazy susan here.

To keep your kids from using a dozen cups a day, glue magnets to the back and store them on the fridge. This way they always know where their cup is and they can reuse the same one throughout the day. {via}

Line your shelves with press n' seal. When it's time to clean the fridge just remove the press n' seal, toss in the trash, and replace. {via}

Or you can use cheap place mats cut to fit your shelves. {via} You can find Blue Chevron Print Placemats here or, if you want something less noticeable, check out these clear ones.

Keep track of what goes in and what comes out of your fridge using a dry erase marker on the door. When it's time to go grocery shopping just snap a picture with your phone so you know what you need to stock up on. {via} 

Use a binder clip to keep beer, wine, soda, or other beverages from rolling around in the fridge. source not found

Recycle Crystal Light containers to store veggies. {via}

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