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Clever Ways to Add Storage to a Tiny Space

The key to living in a small home without going insane, is to find clever ways to organize and add more storage. Here are a few great ideas ways to get you inspired.

Adding a bookcase divider is a great way to define an area as well as add more storage. I especially like the idea of using an open book shelf and adding curtains to one side like the photo above.

Build a hanging clothes rack to take advantage of vertical space without sacrificing precious floor space. Using rope or chain and a wooden dowel, this project should only take a few minutes to complete and can free up some much needed room in your closet. 

This photo table is a great place for entertaining guests and can easily be folded up and stored of the wall when not in use. 

Using hooks and clips on the inside of your cabinet doors can free up some much needed drawer space.

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