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10 Ways to Control Cord Clutter

Cords are unsightly and can easily get out of control. Check out these brilliant ideas for organizing and storing your cords.

Store cords in decorated cardboard toilet paper tubes.{via}

Attach binder clips to your desk. {via}

Store cords in bags and place inside a simple basket. {via}

Attach binder clips under your desk to hide cords. {via}

Hang larger cords using a chain and a coat hook. {via}

Hide a power strip inside a drawer. {via}

Store your cords in pretty boxes with dividers you can make yourself.{via}

Use LEGO people to hold your cords in place. {via}

Label cords with washi tape. {via}

Make a fashionable leather roll up organizer. {via}

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  1. Brilliant ideas! I have lots of uncluttered cords but never really paid attention to them...until I read your post. Well, it surely looks better to keep those cords hidden. Really neat! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Genius ! Love the idea of hiding a power strip in a draw. Super sneeky ;) And LEGO people holding cords. Super cheeky !


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