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50+ Hacks to Start Using Now!! You'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Here are 50+ genius life hacks to make you life a little simpler.

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1. If you're having trouble opening a jar, wrap a rubber band around the lid or use a kitchen glove to add some grip. {via}

2. You can freeze leftover sauces in ice cub containers. The cubes can be reheated in a sauté pan when you need a quick sauce for meals.

3. Keep a soap dispensing dish brush in your shower. Quickly scrub away any dirty spots while you are showering.

4. Use ribbon and binder clips to hold your kitchen towels. {source not found

5. Use a hair straightener to iron men's shirt collars.

6. When using a public restroom, use the first stall. It is the usually the least used therefore the cleanest.

7. Place a command hook on your storage containers to keep scoops and measuring spoons in reach. {via}

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8. Turn on your seat warmer to keep pizza hot while driving home.

9. Make ice cubes from the same liquid they will be going in to prevent your drink from getting watered down. 

10. You can make bread with ice cream. Mix 2 cups of any flavored ice cream with 1.5 cups of self-rising flower. Mix well. Bake in grease bread tin at 350°F for 45 minutes or until bread tester comes out clean. {source not found}

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11. Use a pencil case or sunglasses case to store cables and cords when traveling. The case will keep them from getting tangled up with other items in your bag.

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12. Need to take a selfie? When your headphones are plugged into your phone you can use the volume + button to take a photo.

13. Use a large onion ring to make a perfect egg for your breakfast sandwich. {source not found}

14. After popping popcorn, open the bag just enough for the unpopped kernels to fall out and shake upside down over the trash can.

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15. If the zipper on your pants won't stay up clip a key ring onto the zipper tab. Next time you wear the pants, zip them up and slip the ring over the pant button before buttoning it. The button will hold the ring in place and keep the zipper from sliding down.

16. Mount your ipad or tablet anywhere you want to using command hooks . {source not found}

17. Take the spring out of an old pen and wrap it around the end of your charger cord to keep it from bending and breaking

18. Place a few extra trash bags at the bottom of you trash can. Next time you empty the trash, you have new bags right at your finger tips.

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19. Reuse a Mio Bottle to store salad dressing. {via}

20. Glue a magnet to the bottom of a hammer to hold nails.

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21. Waterproof your shoes. Rub beeswax over them then heat it up with a blow dryer.

22. Attach wire bins wherever you need them using command hooks. {via}

23. You can go to and type in what ingredients you have in your kitchen and it shows you a list of recipes that you can make.

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24. Use Command Picture Hanging Strips to keep rugs from slipping around. Glue or sew command strips to the corners of the rug then place some strips on the floor. The command strips can easily be removed from the floor when you want to move or replace your rug.

25. Make simple, healthy popsicles by popping popsicle sticks into yogurt containers and placing them in the freezer. {via}

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26. Spaghetti noodles fit perfectly inside a Pringles chip container for easy storage.

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27. Use buttons to keep earring pairs together.

28. Roll up a sponge and insert into a small container. Soak it with nail polish remover to easily remove polish from your nails. {source not found}

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29. Place velcro on your remotes and store them behind your tv to keep from loosing them.

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31. Clamp a nutcracker around the top of a glue, nail-polish, or beverage bottle to give you extra grip when taking off lids.

32. Putting dry tea bags in your gym bag of stinky shoes will absorb odors.

33. Have a song stuck in your head but can't think of the name? allows you to sing or hum the song into your phone or computer and it will find the song for you.

34. Easiest way to peel corn on the cob. Microwave for 4 minutes, cut off the end and squeezing the corn out. {via}

35. Your phone will charge faster if you turn in to airplane mode.

36. Next time you need to measure something but you don't have a ruler of tape measure just grab a couple dollars from your wallet. A dollar bill is 6 inches long. Place two dollars together and you have a foot. It's not the easiest way to measure but it works.

37. Use paper clips and a rubber band to hang plates {via}

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38. If you want to write something on a cake but your writing skills stink you can use airheads or fruit roll-ups. Cut the letters out of the airhead/fruit roll-up with mini alphabet cookie cutters and place them on top of the cake.

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39. Save your used visa or mastercard gift cards. Next time you want to start a free trial for a product but don't want to enter your credit card info, just use the gift card.

40. Reuse a milk carton as a food storage container. {source not found

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41. Use a foam paint brush when dusting in cracks and other small spaces. I.e. floor or ceiling vents, window blinds, home decor item, computer keyboard, etc...

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42. Naturally whiten socks, napkins, and linens with lemons. Fill a large pot with water then add a few sliced lemons. Bring the water to a boil then turn off the heat and place the items you wish to whiten in the pot. Let soak for up to an hour then place in the laundry and wash as usual.

43. Clip a clothespin onto a spoon to keep it from slipping into the pan. {source not found}

44. When your kids are young set up an e-mail address for them. Throughout the years send them photos and notes then give them the password on their 18th birthday.

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45. Easily clean ceiling fan blades by placing a pillow case over the blade then slowly sliding it back off. The dust will fall inside the pillow case and you can toss it in the washing machine when you are done.

46. Glue a washer to the bottom of small storage containers and place a magnet on the wall for a simple organizing solution. {via}

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47. When measuring sticky items like peanut butter, syrup, and honey, spray the measuring cup with non-stick spray or coat with oil. The stuff will slide right out!  

48. Easiest way to make salads to go. Using a mason jars pour your dressing in first, followed by hard veggies that won't soak up the liquid. Continue with any other items you have on hand and finally add your greens last. They will keep for up to a week.

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49. Instantly hang a second panel behind curtains using a bungee cord . {source not found}

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50. Drano takes off any kind of concrete stain! Just pour it on and 2 minutes later the area will be bright white again! Green mold, oil, or just weathered..takes it all out. 

51. Toothbrushes carry a lot of germs. You can find many ways to clean them on line but one of the easiest way's I have found is to toss them in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes. (Not to be done with the battery operated toothbrushes.)

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