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Diy Cloche From a Soda Bottle

Cloches are often used in home decor. While they are very beautiful, they can also be very pricey. Here is a great diy version that I found on pinterest. Unfortunately the original post has been deleted, but I put together a short tutorial for you to make your own.


  1. Empty soda bottle
  2. Mini floating bubbles
  3. Round, wooden plaque
  4. Sharp knife
  5. Craft glue
  6. Paint or stain (optional)
  7. Items to place inside your cloche


  1. Paint or stain your wooden plaque (optional)
  2. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and the threads from the top.
  3. Glue a floating bubble to the top of your bottle
  4. Arrange items on your wooden plaque and place the bottle over the top.

  1. I love the look of the floating bubbles but I could only find them for sale in large batches. Unless you plan on making a lot of cloches, they may not be worth the price. Another option would be painted wooden beads or a small Styrofoam ball.
  2. To make the edges of the bottle smooth after you cut it, place a pan on the oven on low heat. Rub the bottle around on the pan for a few seconds to slightly melt and smooth out the plastic.
  3. If you have any trees in your yard that need trimmed, save a few wood slices and use in place of the wooden plaque. 

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