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Beautiful Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Did you know the average backsplash cost $600 to $800 dollars for 20 sq ft. We are currently in the planning stages of our kitchen remodel and we are looking at around 40 sq ft of backsplash. AAAKK!! That's a minumum of $1200! So I have been looking into a few cheaper options. Here is what I found.

Mason jar mosaic backsplash {view tutorial}

Airstone backsplash {view tutorial} After some research I found this stone vinyl wallpaper which seems easier (and cheaper) to install. 

Use ceiling tiles as a backsplash. No tutorial. Just glue ceiling tiles in place using a strong adhesive.

Wine cork backsplash. Could not find a tutorial for this one but it should be pretty easy. I would use a strong glue such as E6000.(I use E6000 for almost everything). 

Real brick backsplash on a budget {view tutorial}

Barn Wood Backsplash {view tutorial}

Soda cap backsplash. No tutorial for this one either. but the following tutorial for a traditional tile backsplash should also work for bottle caps.

If you would like to stick with a more traditional tile backsplash, You can find an easy to follow installation tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens {view tutorial}

Our home is an old 1960 farmhouse. We are trying to recreate the beautiful farmhouse look so I am leaning toward the ceiling tiles or brick. Which one is your favorite? If you've recently redone your own backspash please feel free to share your photos and join the conversation on DIY Home Sweet Home's Facebook page.

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