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Diy Pineapple Planter From A Recycled Plastic Jar

For this project I recycled a whey protein container but any large plastic jar will work. Start by removing the label. I soaked mine in water to make the label easier to remove.

Once the label is removed, use goo gone to remove any glue left on the jar. For a safer option you can also use olive oil and a scour pad. 

Now paint your container. Once it's dry you can start marking off where your lines will be. The number of marks and the distance between them will vary depending on the size of your container. Just make sure that you have an even number of marks or they won't line up right. I made 10 marks that were 1 3/4 inches apart. Then I made 10 more marks at the bottom of the container lined up with the top marks.

Using a flexible ruler or heavy cardstock and a permanent marker, start connecting your marks with diagonal lines. From the starting mark, find the mark directly below it then count thee marks to the right. That's the one you will draw a line to.

Continue the lines all the way around the container. Then start making lines in the opposite direction to make a criss-cross pattern shown above.

Once your lines are done, draw an arrow in the center of each diamond. Now your pot is complete!! 

Now it's time to plant your aloe. I added a layer of clay pebbles to allow for water drainage but rocks would work just as well.

Then add your potting soil. (*Tip: When planting in pots, place your pot inside a cardboard box or plastic container. This will catch any soil that doesn't make it in the pot so that you can dump it back into the bag when your done instead of wasting it. This is really helpful when you have young kids helping out.)

Add your aloe plant and place in a sunny window. 

After writing this post I discovered that WalMart is selling pineapple plants in their nursery section!! I regrettably did not buy one but I think I will be replacing my aloe plant with an actual pineapple plant soon!! 

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