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Spring Keeping with Gladiator GarageWorks

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gladiator GarageWorks for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
When Gladiator GarageWorks asked me to team up with them to help promote their Spring Keeping Campaign, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to organize a few of my seasonal items stored in the garage. 
These shelves were originally meant to be used for all of my gardening supplies. As you can tell by the photo below, that’s no longer the case. There are two main problems with this set-up.

  1. When spring comes around my flower pots, garden hose, and a few other gardening supplies are placed outside where they will remain until late fall/early winter. This frees up a lot of space on the shelves.
  2. With all the free space on the shelves, and having them conveniently located next to the door, they turn into a dumping ground for all sorts of things.
Gladiator GarageWorks  sent me their highly rated, Premier Series Tall GearBox. The Gearbox came fully assembled aside from the wheels, which were super easy to install. Once the GearBox was delivered, I took a few minutes to think about what I wanted this space to be used for and came up with a couple guidelines to help with my 'Spring Keeping' process. Why do Spring Cleaning when you can do “Spring Keeping?”
  • Since I’m often using and reusing my pots and other gardening supplies throughout the gardening season, they need to be easily accessible.
  • I hate wasted space so I will put the extra space to use with items that we use often during the spring/summer. Once gardening season is over these items can be placed in storage making more room for the pots, hoses, and other garden supplies that will no longer be in use outside.
Once I had a plan in place, I got busy decluttering. I took everything off the shelves that did not belong. This mostly included a bunch of random tools that belonged elsewhere in the garage but was instead tossed on the shelves because we are lazy it was more convenient than walking to the other side of the garage. Once I was finished decluttering, I replaced the shelves with my Premier Series Tall GearBox and organized my remaining items.
For my "Spring Keeping" Items I chose items that would be used often throughout spring and summer. The bottom two shelves contain the few gardening supplies that are not in use at the moment. However, I currently have a small container garden and I'm always, potting and re-potting various plants throughout spring and summer. Having the pots, potting soil, mulch, and perlite on the bottom shelves make it so easy to just grab what I need after my impulsive plant shopping. Each one of these shelves can hold up to 50 lbs so I knew they would be able to support the wight of these heavy pots.
The top shelf contains the girl's bike helmets, ball and mitts, a set of cones, and their soccer balls (not pictured since they were using them at the time). These are items that the girl's use almost on a daily basis so it was important to me to have them easily accessible. The shelf below that contains a few more pots, plant fertilizer, and pet supplies. 
The reason I love this set-up... Once the weather cools off I can pack away the kids' items, making room for the pots and gardening supplies that I will be storing away for the winter. This will allow me to keep all of my gardening supplies together without wasting space.
A few things I love about my Premier Series Tall GearBox.
  • The pegboard-like holes in the doors which you can hang hooks from for extra storage space.
  • The magnetic strip along the top and bottom to hold the doors in place when it's not locked
  • The product is highly rated, durable and built to last. They are designed and tested for the extreme environment of the garage.
  • The doors make it less convenient to just toss random items into piles on the shelves. This will cut down on the clutter making it easier to organize and find the items that we need. 
Hooks added to store dog leashes and brushes.
Magnetic strip to hold doors closed.
As you can see, the GearBox takes up a lot less space than my original shelves. I plan on using the extra space to add a chair or small bench and some shoe storage. Living on ten acres in an area that gets lots of rain, muddy boots are a big problem. It would be nice to have a place outside of the house to take them off and store them.
Gladiator GarageWorks products are a perfect solution to any "Spring Keeping" needs, not just gardening. They can be used for sport equipment, power tools, hand tools, overflow pantry storage, shoe storage, car cleaning supplies, pet supplies... The list is endless. 
While the primary use for Gladiator GarageWorks products is within the garage, the industrial look is big in home decor now making these products perfect for in-home storage as well. 
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