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Kid Friendly Birdhouse Tutorial

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My kids tend to be involved in most of my diy projects. Even if it means standing there with a handful of nails giving them to me as needed, they are always excited to help out. Lately my oldest, J, has been showing a lot of interest in being more involved in my projects as well as creating some projects of her own. A couple weeks ago, during one of my projects, she asked if she could try using the drill. After showing her how it worked, followed by a quick safety discussion, I handed the drill over to her. Unfortunately it was too heavy and awkward for her to hold correctly so I ended up holding the drill while she just pushed the trigger. Although she had fun using the drill, I could tell that she was disappointed that she wasn't able to do it on her own.

Paper Crafts For Kids

Sometimes you just need a quick craft to keep the kids entertained. These fun paper crafts are very inexpensive and simple to prepare. Give the kids some markers, crayons, or paint and let them get creative with their creations.

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