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19 Mind Blowing Christmas Hacks

Wow! It's hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Check out these genius Christmas hacks to help you keep your sanity this holiday season.

Make inexpensive Christmas tree decorations using coffee filters.(source)

Use mini squeeze bottles to make cookie decorating a breeze. (source)

Decorate recycled saran wrap and foil boxes to gift wrap homemade cookies. (source)

Make Christmas pancakes by pouring pancake batter into a squeeze bottle and using it to fill cookie cutters. (source not found)

Make snowflakes using glue guns. Once they dry, peel them off the wax paper and stick them to the windows, or cover them in glitter and hang them on the tree. (source)

Use recycled egg cartons to store and protect smaller ornaments.(source)

Wrap lights around a piece of cardboard for for easy storage and to keep them from getting tangled. (source)

Use small storage containers for temporary cord protection. (source)

Turn your fridge into a giant snowman. (source)

Bake pinecones to get rid of bugs before using them in home decor. (source)

Use two different sizes of lights for extra wow factor. (source)

Use an upside down command hook on the back of your cabinet to hang wreaths. (source)

Use a toilet paper roll as a vase filler. (source)

Plastic cups are great for storing ornaments. Glue them to a piece of cardboard for easy stacking. (source)

Wrap a large box in wrapping paper to use as a trash bag on Christmas morning. Pictures will look much better without ugly garbage bags in the background. (source)

Fill your home with a the smell of the holidays. Place tangerines, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, and fresh pine branches in a pot and let simmer on the stove. (source)

Store wreaths on hangers. (source)

Make jumbo wreaths using ornaments and a pool noodle. (source)

Make giant ornaments with balloons and paper or plastic recycled cups. (source)

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  1. These are some really good ideas! I plan to use several of them for this coming Christmas. Thanks!


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