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14 Simple Hacks That Will Make Your Home Amazing

Check out these simple hacks to transform your home from drab to fab.

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Pour your shower supplies into pretty bottles that match your bathroom decor. (source)

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Cover your laundry baskets in rope. Leave the rope as-is or use paint to add a decorative pattern. (source)

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Cover up your ugly wire shelves with plywood. (source)

Transfer your pantry items to decorative glass containers. (no source found)

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Hide the kids toys in plain sight with a diy window seat storage bench. (source)

Store kids toys in bins under a table then make a no saw curtain from fabric scraps to hide the bins. (source)

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Hide your cords inside a decorative box. (no source found)

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Add mini frames to your light switches and paint them to match. (source)

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Transform your ugly, outdated cabinets with yard sticks and a coat of paint. (source)

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Add corbel under your cabinets to give your backsplash a more finished look. (no source found)

Update your vent covers with a coat of spray paint. (source)

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Give those closet doors a makeover with trim and paint. (source)

Transform your blinds into beautiful roman shades. (source)

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Update your Ikea cubbies into a beautiful entertainment center. (source)

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  1. Such amazing ideas for small DIY upgrades! I especially love the idea of hiding those hideous wire shelves with plywood. Thanks for sharing such great ideas! :D

    1. Thanks Megan, the plywood really does make a huge difference!

  2. Wow! These hacks are truly helpful. I love the idea of framing the switch. It looks cool. Also, the storage under the bench is such a brilliant idea. It really helps organizing things and it's not space consuming.. Thank you for sharing this. Thumbs up!

  3. Wouldn't covering up the cords in the box be a fire hazard? Some cords get really hot...

    1. I've never had an issue with any of my cords getting hot. If you have this issue then I would definitely add some holes to the box to help with ventilation or maybe remove the back panel of the box since you can't see it anyways.


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