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Christmas in July

Diy Projects to Remember For Your Next Vacation

Before you head out on your next vacation, check out these fun travel projects.

Vacation Mason Jar (via - Cortney's Crafting&Cookin)

Travel Journal Memory Book (via - Our Mini Family)

Sand Jar (via - Daisy and Daydreams)

Memory Rock Jar (source unknown)

Personalized Photo Map (via - Cut, Craft, Create)

Kids Travel Journal (via - Dancing Commas)

Beach Photo Shadow Box (via - Mama Cheaps)

Map Artwork (via - Martha Stewart)

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  1. Great ideas! I have a friend who collects sand from all over the world. She keeps hers in an individual jar for each location. She has sand from all over the world and the whitest sand is from Panama City Beach, Florida. I love maps and think stitching your travel route is a fantastic idea!

    1. Thanks Artsy, the map stitching is my favorite idea!

  2. When I was a little girl and my father traveled he would bring me back a camera film vile full of dirt from each state he would travel to. I had almost all 50 states. I love the jar idea so it would display so much nicer. These are amazing ideas, and I can not wait to try some of them with my own family!

    1. That's awesome Heather. Do you still have the jar? What a great keepsake.


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