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21 Most Effective Products And DIY Hacks For A Perfectly Organized Fridge

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Did you know that there are people out there who actually organize their fridge. Yes, I know, I laughed too, but it's true!! In fact you can find multiple photos on pinterest of perfectly organized refrigerators. I used to think these people where on a whole other level of crazy, yet there was something intriguing about the photos. The perfectly organized condiments. A designated spot for meat, dairy, and produce. No moldy mystery food hidden in the back behind the milk. The more pretty fridge photos I saw, the more I wanted to organize my own fridge.

I wrote a post earlier sharing 8 amazing fridge hacks and I've also shared my organized pantry system. Today I'm sharing 21 most effective products and DIY hacks for a perfectly organized fridge.

Keep your shelves clean with these antibacterial, moisture absorbing, refrigerator mats. (Find it here -->

Or you can make your own fridge mats from dollar store place mats. (via - 2 Little Superheros)

This Storage drawers clip onto your shelves to provide a designated area for smaller items that would typically get lost in the back of your fridge. Perfect for sliced cheese, string cheese, or kids snacks. (Find it here -->

Similar to the drawers above but much larger. Here's an idea: Buy one drawer for each child and fill it with a weeks worth of healthy snacks. Tell the kids they are allowed to eat whatever is in the drawer without asking BUT once the drawer is empty that's it for the rest of the week.  (Find it here -->

Make your own magnetic storage containers. Perfect for smaller snack items, or pre-chopped herbs and veggies. (via - Tatertots & Jello)

This condiment caddy will keep all your condiments in one designated location. When dinners read just pull the whole thing out and set it on the table. (Find it here -->

Make it easier to use your condiments by placing them upside-down in an egg carton. (via - Alton Brown)

Organize kids snacks using inexpensive, plastic drawers. (via - Pinning With Purpose) (Find similar drawers on here -->

Recycle those 6-pack beer boxes into brilliant condiment organizers. When setting the table you can just grab the entire box. (via - Condo Blues)

Buy sturdy egg cartons which will allow you to stack items on top of them without crushing your eggs. (Find it here -->

Designate a box for items that are about to expire to make sure that they get used first. (no source found)

Use spring-loaded drawer dividers to organize your produce drawers. (via - Enjoy This Beautiful Day) (Find it here -->

Cut the soda container in half before placing in the fridge. Not only will it take up less space but the sodas will be easier to reach. (no source found)

Keep wine, water, and other bottles from rolling around in the fridge with this refrigerator wine rack. (Find it here -->

Use labels to keep everything in a designated location. (no source found)

Keep your fruit from rolling around in the fridge with these fruit containers. The containers sit at an angle so as you place new fruit in the back the old fruit will roll to the front. (Find it here -->

When the drawers and shelves are full, look to the walls for more storage. (no source found but similar items can be found here or here)

ZipLoc bags are perfect for storing items because they don't take up that much room. However they can easily get tossed around and get lost in the back of the fridge. This Zip n Store will keep all those little baggies in one place. (Find it here -->

Here's another great way to organize bags. If you have wire shelves you can clip bags to them using binder clips. (no source found)

Just when you thought the fridge was full and you couldn't fit anything else in, you realize there is still some space above the top shelf. This magnetic bottle hanger attached to the ceiling of the fridge allowing you to hang anything will stick to it. Bottles, cans, or jars with a metal lid will easily hang up and out of the way. (Find it here -->

Purchase plastic bins to organize your deep freezer drawers. (via - Simply Organized)

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Ok, lets be honest. Am I alone on the crazy train here or has this post inspired you to organize your own fridge? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. do i see potatoes in someones fridge?? LOL Mine sit (and sometimes rot) in a potato box BESIDE the fridge!! I LOVE the idea of added drawer space with the little drawers that fit under the shelves. SO neat for yogurt tubes and string cheeses for the kiddos. I am buying some NOW!! A huge appliance, and NEVER enough room!!! Thanks:)

    1. When writing this post I was actually surprised at all three photos I came across with produce in the fridge. I store most of my produce in tree pantry or in baskets on the counter.
      I love those drawers too. They are perfect for kids snacks. I hope you enjoy yours!


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