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8 Ways To Attract Toads To Your Garden

Toads and frogs are very beneficial to have in your garden. Not only are they fun to watch but they also eat all those nasty insects that like to dine on your precious plants. Here are 8 inspiring ideas to make you garden more toad friendly.

Frog Tubes. These are perfect for attracting tree frogs. They can also be painted to blend in. (via - Instructables)

This adorable toad house is made from recycled flower pot and funnel. (via - Willodel)

Broken terra cotta pots are make for perfect toad habitats. (via - source not found)

I love this idea of incorporating a frog habitat into an insect hotel. (via - Biotope City)

Frogs love water so be sure to incorporate a water feature near your frog habitat. (via - source not found)

This frog habitat is made from a recycled sour cream container covered in rocks. (via - Collecting The Moments)

Here is another recycled flower pot and a tutorial showing how easy it is to create your own frog home. (via - Rootsy)

Here is another toad house covered in rocks. This lady has lots of great ideas for creating toad habitats. (via - Willodel)

What is your biggest garden problem? Leave your reply in the comments below.

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