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13 Tips for Organizing Your Life and Home

Cleaning and organizing your home can be a little tricky at times. Today I'm sharing a few tips and tricks to help you organize your home and your life.

Create pockets for the back of your cabinet doors. This is a perfect way to organize store receipts and bills. *Tips: When bills are out of site, it's easy to forget about them. Be sure to put these on the back of a cabinet that you use often so you see them daily. (via - Organizing Home Life)

Keep paper clutter off the counter with a simple mobile command center. This small file box contains a folder for each member of the family and a folder for new, unsorted mail. A family shared calendar on the front is perfect for keeping track of bills and upcoming event. (via - Lovely Crafty Home)

Organizing kids school papers can be quite overwhelming. This file system simplifies the process making it easy to organize all your kids papers year after year and eliminates the paper clutter. You'll need one large file box and 14 files (pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st-12th grade) per kid. (via - IHeart Planners)

Put the fake drawer in front of your sink to use. Install a towel bar to hang a hand towel on. I've seen a lot of people hang hand towels on their oven handle. One thing I hate about this idea is that the towel touches the floor every time you open the oven. Placing a towel bar in front of the sink will eliminate this problem. (via - The Domestic Heart)

Use plastic stackable bins to organize under the cabinet. These clear plastic bins with labels make it so easy to see what you have and you don't have to dig through the entire cupboard to find what you need. (via - Creating Mary's Home)

Here is another idea for organizing an under-the-sink cabinet. Use a lazy susan to keep all of your kitchen cleaners within easy reach. If you have too many cleaners to organize check out my post on The Ultimate List Of Kitchen Cleaning Hacks that uses minimal cleaning supplies. (via - Mommy Suite)

Use command hooks to organize your hair styling irons. Who ever thought of this is a genius. This is perfect for hanging up your curling irons without taking up too much space inside the cabinet. (via - source unknown)

Use a thrift store jewelry box to organize and store remote controls. Never loose your remote again when you have a designated place to store it. (via - The Interior Frugalista)

Keep you laundry sorted and organized with this mobile laundry system idea. What a great idea for any home. Dedicate a basket for darks, one for lights, and one for whites. Or you can dedicate a basket to each family member. (via - Hoosier Homemade)

Use a hobby craft storage container to organize your car. This craft organizer is pererfect for first aid supplies, kids after school snacks, sunscreen, kleenexes, phone chargers, and any other extras you can think of. (via - Blue I Style)

Create a Home Management Binder. Having a binder to keep track of all your important information can be a real life saver. Use these free organizing printables and free binder covers to keep track of contact information, important events, medical history, monthly bills, passwords, and so much more. (via - DIY Home Sweet Home)

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