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How To Maximize Storage Space In A Tiny Bathroom

Having a tiny bathroom, does not mean sacrificing on storage. Check out these unique ideas for adding storage to any small bathroom. 

1. Utilize the space behind the door.

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The area behind your bathroom door does not have to go to waste. An over-the-door pantry organizer would provide the perfect place to store make-up, hand towels, toilet paper, and other accessories. If your short on wall space, install towel bars to the back side of the door to hang your towels on. Another great storage option is to use an over-the-door shoe rack. This would be perfect for storing hair products and styling tools, beauty supplies, and more.

2. Add storage to your cabinet doors.

(photo sources: Remodelaholic, no source found, Amazon, Imperfect Homemaking, Amazon, Family Handyman, Red Book Magazine)

There are lots of storage opportunities hiding behind your cabinet door. Over-the-door baskets and organizers are perfect for storing so makeup, hand towels, and cleaning supplies. Command hooks or pvc pipe can be used to hang styling tools.

3. Get creative when storing shower & bath supplies.

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Soaps, shampoos, and other supplies can easily take over your shower. To avoid this, install a second curtain rod or a wall hooks to hang a few extra shower caddies. Consider storing items in a mesh bag hanging from the shower curtain rod or use curtain rings with hooks, perfect for smaller containers and loofahs.

4. Utilize empty wall space by hanging shelves.

(photo sources: Naptime Decorator, Country Living, Blessed Ranch, no source found, Bob Villa)

If you have a blank wall in your tiny bathroom, a few wall shelves can add a ton of storage. If your not a fan of traditional shelves, think outside of the box and use something you already have. Baskets, crates, recycled paint cans, spice racks, or refashioned hat boxes can all be hung on a wall to create additional storage.

5. Create storage space between the studs in your shelves.

(photo sources: no source found, Turtles and TailsHome Staging In Bloomington IllinoisReclaim Renew Remodel, no source found, Remodelaholic)

If your bathroom is too small to hang shelves, try these between-the-studs storage ideas. Add beadboard to the back panels for a more finished look, or include a few baskets to store make-up and other supplies. Another option is to install a door or false panel over the nook to help hide unsightly items.

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